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Orkney is the best place to live in the UK?

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Brodar's stone circle in Orkney during the winter solstice

Orkney ranks first in the annual survey, which is the best place to live in the UK – but is it really?

The archipelago, 10 miles (16 km) from the north coast of Scotland, is known for its spectacular landscapes and archaeological treasures, but only 22,000 people live in 20 inhabited islands.

Halifax Bank of Scotland's Quality of Life survey ranks him over all other areas of the UK, with Richmondshire in North Yorkshire second, followed by Rutland in the East Midlands, Hambleton in North Yorkshire and Eden in Cumbria in fifth place.

Orkney received the first place on the basis of its high levels of employment, low crime rates, strong test results, lower primary grade and good results for health and happiness.

But is it really possible to say that these factors outweigh the difficulties of life on an island, with the problems it brings.

By Hugh Williams, BBC Scotland reporter at Orkney

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Hoi is one of the 70 islands that make up the archipelago

This study, like many others before, takes into account factors such as residents' health and life expectancy, employment and crime.

And like many other similar studies, it takes first place at Orkney.

Organizations that promote the islands will benefit from this fact.

And many local people will undoubtedly be proud that Orkney regularly scores well in such tables.

But there may be some skepticism – largely based on reports that are not asked.

They never include things like cost of living, reliability of transport links, digital link stability and energy poverty levels.

Even Orkney's biggest fans will have to admit that the results will look quite different if these factors are included.

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Peppa – Chocolate Labrador at Skaill Beach in Orkney

Why Orkney?

All five top are relatively sparsely populated, with Orkney averaging only 22 people per kilometer.

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Orkney is one of the best places in the UK to see Aurora Borealis

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Reflections on the Port of Skapa, near Kirkvol, the main town of Orkney.

Other factors considered to be in favor of Orkney are housing affordability (average house price of £ 173,349) and high employment, with nearly nine out of ten (88%) working at the age of 16-64 .

The average weekly earnings in Orkney (671 pounds) were well below some other parts of Scotland and the UK but were slightly above average.

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Skara Brae is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is older than Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid

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The Italian chapel was built by prisoners of war during the Second World War

People in Orkney also enjoy one of the lowest levels of crime in Scotland, with 5.9 offenses per 10,000 people, compared with an average of 44.1 for the country.

Perhaps this is the reason why the figures from the National Statistics Office show that adults living in Orkney are among the happiest, most satisfied and satisfied in the UK, with low levels of anxiety.

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