Friday , September 24 2021

Permanent rail travel should be forbidden within the Virgin Trains plane ticket plan

CRunning long train journeys will be effectively banned on Virgin Trains' radical proposals to force all long-distance passengers to reserve space before boarding.

Currently, railway companies are often obliged to accept travel fees, which means they have no control over the number of people boarding a train unless they are considered dangerous.

But according to airline plans, tickets with one rate available at any one time for a service, tickets and open profits will be removed.

The rail operator, the largest long-distance train provider in the United Kingdom, has submitted plans to the Ministry of Transport, which is currently reviewing how railway companies are making money and selling tickets.

In presenting its government rail inspection, Virgin Group said some of the trains are so packed that passengers are forced to stand for several hours while others are mostly empty.

He called for simplification of tickets by introducing dynamic pricing, which would lead to higher prices for popular trains and lower prices for less popular trains.

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