Sunday , September 26 2021

PLEASE NOTE: You have until November 18 to download Destiny 2 for free

Destiny 2. Photo: Microsoft.

CAPE TOWN – Activision video game publisher announced that in celebration of the release of PC Destiny 2, the company will offer free games for a limited time.

Game Director Steve Cotton made an announcement during the Blizzard show at this year's BlizzCon festival.

Users will be allowed to download games between now and November 18 and will be allowed to keep it forever.

The free version of Destiny 2 will also come with free gifts that can be claimed by the player.

If users are interested in downloading games, they must have a Battle.Net account.

Players will be able to download the basic version of the game, giving them the original eight-hour campaign and level 20.

Players will also have access to the original Leviathan attack and the Crucible multiplayer mode.

However, Players will not get access to the latest expansion, Forsaken.

The company also brought to Twitter to announce news and hypnotized users.

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