Saturday , December 5 2020

Rapist, serving life imprisonment, emerges from Lincolnshire open prison, and the public insists he will not turn to him

A life sentence convicted rapist escaped from an open prison near Boston in Lincolnshire.

The police warned the public not to turn to Wayne Jones, who was a prisoner in the North Sea camp.

The 39-year-old escaped from Category D jail Sunday night.

"We caution the public not to turn to a person who has escaped from prison," said a spokesman for the Lincolnshire police.

"He is described as 5 feet tall, tall, small, with brown hair and brown eyes, with a scar under his left eye and a tattoo on his left wrist.

Jones is serving a life sentence for rape.

The police urged anyone who sees the prisoner not to approach him but instead call the Lincolnshire police in 999 or contact the names of the forces.

In July, officers in the North Sea camp in HMP were criticized for calling inmates as "residents" as part of the "rehabilitation culture" of imprisoned prison.

Глин Травис от Асоциацията на офицерите от затворите заяви, че ходът е "измислен".

Но независимият съвет за наблюдение (IMB) заяви, че затворът е създал "учтива и спокойна атмосфера".

Задържаните в затворите от категория D в Обединеното кралство се считат за "нискорискови" и им се разрешава да напускат помещенията за ограничен период от време.

Хората могат да докладват за наблюденията на Джоунс по имейл на с инцидент 367 в темата.

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