Sunday , June 13 2021

Rune symbols show people how to solve them

The latest episode in the history of Fortnite Battle Royale includes moving slopes gathering in place in Loot Lake.

There are many theories about what these runes mean and what they are leading.

But to understand this, the runes first have to get to Luther Lake.

Each rune has its own distinctive symbol, and it appears that these symbols may be the key to finding the way to move them to the lake.

The first runner has reached the destination by kinking it, and the damage has accumulated over the global server base.

Today another run along with three laser sites appeared. The working theory is that all three lasers have to hit the rune to be switched on.

This theory was popularized by both Williambash and Wauwaiiiiiii in separate posts that increased at the same time.

I think I have just decided the mystery of r / FortNiteBR

Guys, runes are the instructions on how to complete the puzzle! (I put the rune to what's a photo of.) From r / FortNiteBR

This theory is still under way, but it definitely makes sense based on what we know so far.

Looking at the last two Runaway symbols in the top position and we can try to understand what the last two runes will require.

The symbol in the top right corner is more obvious, so let's start from here.

What the runes want to do

The upper right runner obviously looks like a player. How exactly the movement can be used to move the rune is not clear.

Players may need to run circles around the rune or join them to pull it in the direction of the lake.

The final symbol in the top left corner of the first post is also unclear, but to me it reminds me of building. All right angles, combined with a few squares, look like this might be a side view of the battle to build.

To move this, players may have to build around the rune or spend time building a way to move it to the pond. Since it is difficult to register traffic or build on all Fortnite servers, it will be really interesting to see how these runes work.

So far, the first step is simply to align the lasers. The sooner this happens, the faster we can move on to the next challenges and see what is waiting at the end of the event.

The only problem is if the runes are tied to the upcoming Avengers: EndGame event, no matter how fast people move, nothing can happen at least until this Friday.

That would be a little annoying, but we hope the event is worth the wait and the job at the end.

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