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Sam Myel's NAV, who walks with Little Mix, is detained for killing his mother at three

A singer who walks with Little Mix was imprisoned for eight months in prison for killing a mother of three in a terrible accident.

Nadine Samuels, who supported Little Mix in her 2014 Salute tour with her MOE girls, did not look as she was at the roundabout and crashed into Debbie Mills as she drove by car to Hamel Hempstead, Hertfordshire .

The 54-year-old became suffering from traumatic brain injuries when she was thrown onto the windshield and on the road.

She died soon in the hospital.

Samuels was sentenced to eight months in prison in the St. Albans crown after she admitted guilty of causing death by carefree driving.

Debbie Mills

The singer, a 27-year-old, who is a good friend with Little Mix member Leigh-Anne Pinnock, weeps when he handles her sentence.

Josh, the son of the owner of the cake Debbie, later pays tribute to her.

He describes his mother as a valuable member of the community and says he has started cycling as a hobby.

He said, "We will miss it dearly," says the Sun.

Debbie Kevin's husband added, "We've been married for almost 25 years. We had planned our first vacation together without children.

"We planned to end so much together as Debbie died, her life was taken by us."

Samuel went up on A414 on March 21 when he collided with Debbie at a speed of up to 26 miles per hour.

Nadine, right, with my girls

Mommy had a protective helmet, but unfortunately she could not be rescued after she was moved to a hospital.

Samuel stopped calling 999, but she was so worried that a member of the public had to come in and finish the conversation.

Asked by the police, she said she looked right, but she did not see anything as she approached the circular motion of the outer platform.

Martin Mulgrew, prosecuting prosecutor, said: "The accused has failed to check if the road ahead is clear.

The court also heard that Samuel had written to Debbie's family after the crash.

Her lawyer, Simon Gladhill, said she was not familiar with the route and relied on her when she crashed into Debbie.

Nadine, right, wept while he was shut up for eight months

Judge Michael Kay QC handed the jail sentence and banned Samuel from the roads for two years and four months.

He told her, "You did not see Ms. Mills, you did not stop, but you collided with your bike and it was broken down, it was very tragic to die from your wounds.

"You stopped and were upset and you were told to say many times:" I did not see her, I did not see her. "

"There is nothing I can say or do, which can restore the lives of a devastated family." My heart goes out to them. "

Samuel is a member of the MoD since 2012

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