Thursday , June 17 2021

Samsung Galaxy Buds runs in black, there will be a smaller battery than Gear IconX (2018)

In the past, Samsung has often doubled its new flagship with a pair of premium headphones and the Galaxy S10 is no exception. In addition to a pair of AKG handsets, you will receive new Galaxy buds.

They can be charged wirelessly from S10 phones and they also need them because the pimps have only 58mAh batteries and the box has 252mAh more. Compare this to Gear IconX (2018), which had 82mAh in the buds and 340mAh in the case.

And those who were not familiar with battery life. Using the Reverse Wireless Charging of the Galaxy S10 is only a partial solution – even if you have purchased, these pimples can play music even without a phone.

Galaxy Buds can run on IconX dual standby mode, totaling 8GB (this should be enough for about 2000 songs). They also upgrade to Bluetooth 5.0 (from 4.2). The new buds will maintain persistence of sweat (IPX2).

Samsung will present the Galaxy Buds together with the S10 and will put them in the promotional pre-order package in some countries. They must be available for purchase separately at the same time as S10 (beginning of March).


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