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Sky and BT confirm live matches in the Premiership for March

Date of publication: Friday 25 January 2019 4:56

Premier League games selected for television in March were announced by Sky Sports and BT.

The two broadcasters share a weekend of five game matches on the first weekend of March, with a derby in northern London breaking things on Saturday for lunch, and Merseyside's derby closes the Sunday tea program.

Arsenal entered Manchester United on Sunday 10th as both clubs are fighting for a place in the Champions League next season.

Manchester City will go head to head with United on Saturday, March 16, and March 31 will lead the final Sixth Clash of the Month to Anfield.

All games are on Sky Sports, unless otherwise stated.

Sat. 2 Arsenal in Tottenham 12.30 (BT)

Sat 2 West Ham vs Newcastle 5.30hrs

Sun 3 Watford vs Leicester 12:00

Sun 3 Fulham vs Chelsea 2.05

Sun 3 Everton vs. Liverpool 4.15

Saturday 9 C Palace vs. Brighton 12.30pm

Sat. 9 Manchester City vs Watford 17:30 (BT)

Sun 10 Liverpool vs Burnley 12:00 (BT)

Sun 10 Chelsea vs. Wolves 14.05

Sun 10 Arsenal vs. Man Yun 16.30

Sat. 16 Manchester United vs Manchester City 12h30

Sun 17 Tottenham vs C Palace 12:00

Sun 17 Fulham vs Liverpool 2.15pm

Sun 17 Everton vs. Chelsea 16.30

Sat 30 Fulham vs Manchester City 12.30

Sat. 30 West Ham vs Everton 17.30 (BT)

Sun 31 Cardiff vs. Chelsea 2.05

Sun 31 Liverpool vs Tottenham 4:30

Mon April 1 Arsenal – Newcastle 8:00

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