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The child "screaming in agony" with a dangerous herpes viral mother thought of chickenpox

A toddler was struck by a potentially deadly herpes virus believed to have come from a kiss.

Loston Ogden, who is only 14 months old, wakes up with patches on his legs and a heavy rash all over his body on Monday morning.

His frightened mother, Lewis Ogden, 36, believes he has had a severe chickenpox and took him to a hospital.

However, in the hospital, the family was stunned when herpes was diagnosed.

The infection was probably caused by a kiss

The virus, which is predominantly harmless to adults, can also spread to babies when they kiss from carriers, even if they have no visible symptoms such as herpes.

Symptoms of herpes in babies can include fever, sore throat, blisters and even seizures.

It can be fatal if it spreads to other organs.

The mother of the six-year-old Louisa, who was taking care of Blackpool, said: "It all started on Sunday, with two small spots on the back of my leg as I changed his diaper, and I thought it was chickenpox."

Louisa said the next morning that she woke up at 6 am to find that the rash was "ten times worse."

She added, "It seemed that someone had leaned a kettle on his legs and ass.

"I've never seen anything like that.

The little boy's mother thought she had chickenpox

Louise took Laston to Newton Drive, Blackpool, where he said she was told her son was probably suffering from an infected chickenpox.

She said, "Then single spots, not big clusters, came out.

"The doctor gave him some antibiotics, but he did not take them.

The next day, Loston's condition worsened, with painful wounds covering his legs and face.

Louisa went back to her GP practice and they were taken to Victoria's Blackpool's children's ward where the tests revealed the cause of Loston's agony.

Little Loston was in agony

The herpes virus is usually harmless, and many adults live with it without knowing they are infected, but it can be extremely dangerous for babies.

Symptoms can include fever, sore throat, blisters and even seizures, and can be fatal if spread to other organs.

Louisa said, "I did not realize how serious it was until I read more about it.

– The virus can attack the brain.

– But since it was released right away, it's not too bad. Antibiotics saved him.

"If the doctor did not send us to the hospital, that could be a totally different story."

"You do not think this can make a kiss.

"He had incredible pain. He constantly screams. She can not eat. He can not move his legs.

Louisa said the doctors told her that Laustin's herpes probably had been caused by contact with someone with herpes, but she still has no idea who.

She added, "It could have been someone. The doctors asked me if I had an inflammation and never had one, but I can still carry the virus.

The poop's feet were covered with painful places

– All the hospital staff were brilliant. Because of them it's so fast that he's got the antibiotics.

"It was hard to get a cannula for his skin and his small veins, but they did.

"Looking at his skin, it could take months to get it right.

I want people to know how dangerous it can be. This is not something you expect. I will never again give my baby a kiss on her lips and will not let anyone else do it.

– I definitely do not want to go through this again.

Dr. Benjamin Butler-Reed, of Highfield Surgery, Blackpool, said: "Cold wounds are caused by the herpes simplex virus and easily spread through skin contact.

"In adults, it rarely causes a serious illness and can be managed with cream or patches that the pharmacist can provide.

Some groups are more vulnerable to the virus, such as pregnant women, immunosuppressed patients and babies.

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"If the baby is exposed, they may be subjected to a form called neonatal herpes, which sometimes affects only the eyes, the mouth or the skin, and your baby will, in most cases, recover completely.

"But if the condition spreads to the authorities, it can really be very serious and cause death in about a third of the cases.

"The condition can be surrendered if a person with herpes, kissing a baby or if the mother nurses breast herpes, so it is vital to take preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of your baby shrinking herpes.

"If you have an inflammation or have a history of herpes, do not kiss all babies, make sure you wash your hands before contacting the baby and wash your hands before breastfeeding and cover all cold sores to avoid accidental touching the mouth and the breast. "

Symptoms of neonatal herpes include lethargy, irritability, your baby does not eat, fever or rash on the skin, eyes and inside the mouth.

If the baby has such symptoms, contact your doctor or call 111 for advice.

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