Tuesday , September 21 2021

The driver stole the ambulance, led the police 37 miles away, then dropped it at a junction

The crash was avoided when a train at a speed of 70 km / h was almost missed by the stolen ambulance, which was decommissioned and was thrown at the crossroads by a volleyball.

Police desperately tried to hitch the train, but failed to stop when Shane Hughes, 41, broke the car and ran away.

In-car police footage records the officers' concerns about the upcoming train that can be heard, which sounds helpless.

Hughes crashed into a barrier, kicked out the ambulance, then escaped on foot (Picture: PA)
The ambulance expelled from the vehicle was taken to a 37-mile police chase (Photo: SWNS)

Fortunately, the ambulance was on the other side of the track, but the train was only a few centimeters away.

Hughes had stolen the ambulance on his way to the festival, while in July this year he had a high cannabis content.

An undisclosed photo taken by the Police of Grands Manster on stage of one of the five addresses that had invaded this morning in Great Manchester. Seventeen people were rescued after police executed the attacks that were part of a slave operation. A PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Release date: Wednesday, 21 November 2018 The 17 rescued are currently with GMP specialists and the British Red Cross. Two men are also arrested on suspicion of crimes under the Modern Slavery Act of 2015. See the story of police history Saving 17 "slaves" from houses and walking after an attack reveals traffic

He took the police for a 37-mile walk before approaching the barrier downstairs and the lights blinking at Kildwick, North Yorkshire.

Hughes crashed through the first barrier, but collapsed on the other side, then jumped and escaped to hide in a garden.

Hughes of Halifax, West Yorkshire, has already been imprisoned for 22 months by a judge who describes him as the worst case of dangerous driving he has ever seen.

Shane Hughes ran off on foot and was later arrested in someone's back garden (Photo: PA)
Hughes was jailed and received a long driving ban (Picture: BCP)

Hughes was banned from driving for six years and 11 months after pleading guilty to a number of driving crimes and a theft blame, the forces said.

"Trafficking," Gemma Brett, of the large-scale investigation unit that entrusted the North Yorkshire police case, said: "On the day of these crimes, Shane Hughes has exposed many risks and may have caused unjust thieves.

"His actions were completely irresponsible, illegal, and focused entirely on himself, without ever thinking about the safety of anyone.

"His punishment, submitted to him today, shows that the courts and the police are determined to keep North Yorkshire communities safe by punishing criminals like Hughes from our roads."

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