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The homeless man, 21, who sleeps in the alley, saves the family life in a home fire

A young homeless was welcomed as a hero for rescuing family life after their house had flared up.

Chris Tolerson had a cigarette when he saw the flames coming from the Good Family home in Carlton, Nottingham, in the early hours of Sunday.

The 21-year-old immediately rushed and desperately began to knock at the door to wake them just in time to escape.

And the family believes they will not be here today to tell the story if it were not for Chris.

"Without it, this may be a different story. This is not just a good deed, it has saved our lives. "

Chris Tolerson rescued the Good Family after their home in Briarbank Avenue, Carlton's home burnt as they slept

Chris visits his brother, 20-year-old Josh Mike, who lives with his bride's family at the address when a fire blasts a bungalow at 3.25 hours.

Chris, who slept in the family's caravan, pulled out a cigarette when he noticed that his 18-year-old home was in flames.

Inside were hosts, Alan, 45, wife Karen, 44-year-old son Oliver, 19-year-old daughter Shannon, her fiancée Josh and his younger brother Logan, 16 years old.

The fireman said that the flame was caused by "electricity" and the family believed it was started by a freezer.

Mr. Goode, a paramedic at the East Midlands Express Service, said: "Chris is a homeless and just happened to be staying with us and sleeping in the caravan.

He went out for a cigarette and noticed that the fire was at its height and hit the door to attract our attention.

"When I talked to firefighters, they said that if there were another 15 minutes left, the fire would be a" serious threat to life. " It spread so quickly.

The family said that 90 percent of their belongings had been destroyed

Chris, who has been a homeless since September, was visiting his brother at the weekend. He was asleep in the caravan because there was no room in the house.

He said, "I've been homeless for some time, and I've been trying to find a job to fix myself.

"I was in the caravan, and the power vanished. I went out, went for a cigarette and heard what a firework.

"I turned around and saw that the whole country of the house was flashing. I hit the door and called Josh, but there was no answer. I threw stones at the window and then started to shuffle again.

"Then Alan answered and said," We gotta get everyone out, "then I called the fire brigade.

"I also woke my neighbors to get them out." The fire service said that if they did not go out after 15 minutes, the whole place would be burned. I think I would lose both my brothers and the rest of them. your family. "

His brother Josh, who slept in the downstairs bedroom with Shannon's fiancée, said, "The first thing I knew was Shannon's mother knocking on the door, saying," there is a fire! I fell asleep and did not know what was happening until we woke up.

The fire destroyed the home

"The fire was on all sides of the house, the windows were spraying, and then they crashed into pieces.

"Our chances of dying were very high if it was not for my brother, we were very happy to have spent the weekend and saw it, and my brother saved my whole life, not just mine."

The family says 90% of their belongings have been destroyed in the flame, and the fire has fallen down, including the kitchen and the living room.

They are currently staying at a hotel and are told that they can not return to their property to live there for at least six months.

Mr. Dober added, "I thought this was my house and my home, everything we worked hard to achieve, and rising to smoke. There were so many emotions.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "The crew from Carlton and London Road were called at 3.47 am to the electric fire site on Briarbank Boulevard, which stretched to two neighboring properties.

"Four firemen carrying a breathing apparatus used two hose reels and one jet to extinguish the fire.

– The incident was reviewed by 5.31 hours.

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