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The new set of snakes from Man Yun has expired – and fans are not happy

Manchester United unveiled its new home shirt for the 2019/20 season this week.

Now it seems that their shirt may have leaked, with a very bold design that appears in India and is shared in social media.

The design of snake skin is the least attractive, with a beige color that is a complete change from the pink shirt worn this season.

Although it has not yet been confirmed whether the set will officially be absent from the United States shirt for the next season, the design has not fallen well with fans.

Once the image is shared by Dev Bhatia who discovered the shirt, the supporters go to the social media to express their displeasure.

The new set of Man Utd has "expired" after its appearance in India

A fan invades the set, it seems that "there is a serious illness," and others joke that "coincide with our performances" after a campaign of lower value.

Another said he was "much more suited to the current state of the club, the ambition (on the pitch) on board and the league position."

One fan admitted that "they are not sure what's worse, the shirt or our performances this season," while another jokes that "made it out of cardboard as our protection."

It only comes a few days after United received praise for their new home set, which pays tribute to their historic triple in 1999.

Man Uted officially launched his new home set and goalie earlier this week

The shirt features a brand new commemorative bracelet design of bold black with gold stitches, with the minutes of their famous Champions League final goals shown on each sleeve and the dates of their three winning titles are displayed on the bottom of the shirt.

But the leaked set has also not fallen as fans are already afraid to see that they will potentially appear first when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's season ends with an early start in the Europa League.

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