Monday , June 21 2021

Wargroove has a crossword game •

Here's a nice surprise: Wargroove has crossplay.

He has a cross-game game between computers, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, Chucklefish says in a chirp for the launch of February 1 of the game. There is no word about cross-game play with PlayStation 4, but that's not a big surprise given that Sony has only recently released it and just a few games so far – and the PSG version of Wargroove is launched after other versions. ,

Wargroove's cross-play feature must mean that the Advance Wars medieval game has a larger set of multiplayer players as far as possible for matchmaking, which of course is good for the community and the game itself.

Wargroove supports multiplayer for up to four players online or in a local game. For the local game, a multiplayer can be done by moving the pad around, which is ideally suited for turn-based strategy play. (I guess Wargroove will also feel good for Nintendo Switch.)

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