Sunday , July 25 2021

Women in the UK give birth to their 21st child, insisting this will be the last for him

The uterus continues to give.

A woman in England just gave birth to her 21st child – and insisted that this would be her last.

Sue Radford and Noel's husband welcomed baby number 21 earlier this week, bringing the total number of their families to 23 which was quite large.

Bonnie-Raye babies weigh 8 pounds 4oz. Sue works in 12 minutes.

The 42-year-old mother told The Sun that she wanted more gas and air during birth but there was no "time"

He also said that his other children were only happy to welcome the newly born Bonnie-Raye to their home.

"They all fought in the first hug," he said, "This is a very beautiful moment when you bring home a newborn and the others all line up ready to hug him."

Sue gave birth to her first baby, Christopher, when she was 14 years old.

Noel's husband said that at first, he thought their partner would only have three children. The 47-year-old man underwent a vasectomy a few years ago, which was eventually reversed.

Sue said this week that baby 21 would be the last for him.

"Maternity clothes will soon be taken to the trash," he said. "I won't miss getting pregnant at all."

"All midwives at the hospital asked if they would see us again next year and we both said, 'definitely not'. We will only continue to enjoy children and enjoy our grandchildren. "

Sue made a similar comment last year after Archie's 14-month-old birth.

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