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Xbox One sales less than half of the PS4 number

Xbox One sales have reached 41 million units worldwide, which is less than half the PS4. Despite its tremendous global popularity, Xbox is still struggling to keep the PlayStation success story.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are the two major competing systems in the current console generation, as it quickly became clear that the Nintendo Wii U did not attract audiences. Xbox One quickly lost its market leadership due to some anti-consumer choices involving the system that needs to be connected to the Internet once a day, at risk of dysfunctional games as well as some serious trade and commercial constraints. PlayStation 4 was also $ 100 cheaper to market and continued to increase its audience with an incredible range of exclusive titles, while most of the Xbox One games were also on the PC, limiting the appeal of the system.

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Xbox One currently has 41 million global hardware sales, according to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad (through: Resetera). While this is certainly an impressive figure, it is roughly half the number of PlayStation 4 systems that have been sold so far, with sales up to 91.6 million, according to, Sony helped expand the gap in 2018 by launching games such as God of War, Spider Man, and Red Red Redemption 2,

Microsoft must also be careful about Nintendo, which aims to sell 20 million consoles in 2018. The impressive number of games like Pokemon: Let's go Pikkau, Pokemon: Let's go Eve, and Super Brosh I suppose Nintendo may have hit this number already, which would put them half way out of Xbox One sales for the entire two-year period. The Nintendo Switch is now the fastest-selling console of this generation, which is certainly a blow to Microsoft.

Gamers should not plan a funeral for the Xbox brand yet, as it is clear that Microsoft has a lot of big things planned for their next system. Microsoft is eager to acquire more studios that seem to be part of a plan to create their own range of exclusive titles that can be compared to those of Nintendo and Sony. Microsoft has also supported many pro-consumer choices that their competitors have overlooked, such as backwards compatibility, no cloud-based billing, and Xbox Game Pass, which offers the best value for money in the industry that Microsoft wants to improve with its next service .

Microsoft has spent a lot of time second and they have had a lot of time learning from their mistakes as well as those made by their competitors. Clearly, Microsoft has some big plans for its next move and successor Xbox One is formed to steal the spotlight in the next-generation console.

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