Monday , September 26 2022

2019 NFL Trading Tracking Project: All details like Steelers, Packers, Eagles, Redskins, Giants, Falcons move up on Day 1


You can not get through the NFL Project without much marketing going on. Last year, only half of all the first rounds were made by their original owners and more than 100 photos were handed out during the three-day trial. This year we saw five spades in the first round to change their hands before Thursday, the last one with the acquisition of the bosses from the edge of the edge of Frank Clark who it is worth a package including the general choice of 29.

You can follow up with all the photos as they happen together with information on all trades in our Tracker project, which will also include direct coverage of CBS Sports HQ, where our team of analysts will assess the points, break the deals and keep you you have been informed about everything you need to know live on the project weekend.

Below you will find information about the top 100 choices that have already been traded, as well as details of each Day 1 transaction. Check back with us for details of other diary deals when they become available.

First round

Deals on pre-planks involving 100 best

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