Sunday , June 13 2021

A380: Airbus quits the superjumbo

The European aircraft manufacturer said on Thursday it would stop delivering the A380s in 2021 after Dubai's Emirates airline cut its orders for the huge jetlainer.

"We have no serious delays in the A380 and therefore we have no reason to maintain production despite all our sales efforts with other airlines in recent years," Air End Chief Executive Tom Enders said in a statement.

The A380, the world's largest airplane, first climbed into the sky 14 years ago. But Airbus's giant pledge that airlines would need very large aircraft to fly passengers between major airport centers did not pay off as the company hoped.

So far, the company has delivered 234 of the ultramicros, less than a quarter of the 1200s, which they predicted to sell when they first presented a two-story aircraft. His plans were undermined by airlines that changed their interest in lighter and more fuel-efficient fuels passenger planes that have reduced the need to transport passengers between major centers.

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