Monday , June 21 2021

Adobe Enhance details increase RAW image resolution by up to 30%

Adobe announced a new Lightroom and Camera Raw feature called Enhance Details. He uses the power of artificial intelligence to produce more detail and fewer problems in RAW photos.

In particular, the feature uses machine training and computational photography to reconsider how RAW images are demaged (in which data captured by a digital camera array of red, green and blue pixels is restored to a full-color picture).

Adobe claims that improving the details increases the resolution of Bayer and X-Trans sensor chambers by up to 30%, improving both the fine detail rendering and the fine-grain reproduction.

Here's a comparison showing a 200% zoom on a Fuji X-Trans shot – the enlarged detail can be seen in the streetlight and skyscraper window:

Here is a second example:

When capturing a photo using a Bayer or X-Trans filter, the cameras record a single value of the intensity of the red, green or blue light of each pixel. When calculating what color should the pixels be actually to be on a photo, RAW processors must guess the most probable value based on neighboring values ​​(something that is called interpolation).

While the usual demo strategies are working well in some situations, smooth gradients and permanent color areas, for example, can fight and produce less than optimal results in others (eg, textures, fine details, patterns, sharp edges, etc.).).

Photo with small details that benefit from Enhance Details.

There are sophisticated algorithms for demos that can do well with these areas of photos, but their performance would take a significant amount of time even on powerful and expensive computers. In this way, RAW processors are usually satisfied with less than the optimal result that ends in a reasonable amount of time.

But thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, this is changing now. Adobe introduces its Sensei AI engine to work, bringing "deep learning" to the challenge of demonstrating difficult areas in RAW photos.

The company trains its AI to more than one billion examples of problem areas – things like small details, fake colors and zipper (blurred at the edges of photos). The result of this training is the new feature Enhance Details, which produces noticeably more detail than before, with fewer artifacts.

Standard Demo for Lightroom Demo (Up) and Improvement of Details (Bottom) in Photo Crops.

To begin applying Enhance Details to your RAW photos, upgrade your Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC and Camera RAW to the latest releases released today.

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