Wednesday , May 5 2021

Alibaba's creator Jack Ma is a member of the Communist Party: Chinese State Media

He has made Alibaba become the 390 billion-dollar giant that dominates the Chinese online retail market, ranging from logistics to social media, and has created a separate fineman empire around the popular pay-alipi platform.

Ma's political affiliation came as a surprise to many.

The results of the local search engine Baidu, when asked "Jack Ma is a member of the Communist Party", also said that it was not.

Alibaba declined to comment on the membership of the Ma party, but said the political ties did not affect the operations of the company.

"The political affiliation of each CEO does not affect the decision-making process in the company's business," a spokesman told Reuters on Tuesday.

"We follow all the laws and regulations in the countries in which we work as we perform our mission to make it easier for people to do business anywhere in the digital age."

The daily roster included Baidu head Robin Li and Tencent Holding Pony Man, although they did not mention any of them as party members. Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent together form the trio "BAT" of the best Chinese companies.

The article is not said when Ma joined the party.

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