Monday , June 14 2021

Amazon and GM can invest in the Rivian electric pickups

Talks are not guaranteed, though Reuters understands that a successful deal can be announced as early as February.

Amazon told Engadget he refused to comment on rumors and speculation. In a statement BloombergGM spokeswoman Pat Morrisy did not confirm or deny the talks, but said the brand admired[s] Rivian's contribution to the future of zero emissions and the all-electric future.

For GM, the incentives to support Rivian are quite clear. It redirects its attention to electric vehicles, and the investment in Rivian can give it access to long-lasting batteries and design know-how. It can ensure that any Tesla pickup also has some competition. Amazon's motivation is not so obvious, but has recently invested in self-starting technology and assumes greater control over delivery operations. Theoretically, Rivian's work could be used to transport freight and courier vehicles.

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