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Apple apple vinegar diet: Does it really help you lose weight? – Health

At some point in your life, you probably had someone who preached a variety of benefits for apple vinegar for you.

This so-called liquid gold swells like an acne medicine, a dandruff medicine, a suffocating sunburn and amazing weight loss aid. People add apple vinegar, or as fans know, ACV, tea, hot water, shakes and sometimes just flames.

If you are not familiar with apple vinegar, it is a mixture of apple cider with added yeast to start the fermentation process. Taste is not what most of us would describe as "pleasant," but people are still attached to the substance and its benefits.

Men's health asked an expert to find out whether apple vinegar really is a "magic bullet" for weight loss, or just another fashion.

The science behind "liquid gold"

Carroll Johnston, Associate Director of the Nutrition Program at Arizona State University, said there was evidence that acetic acid was targeted to body fat and could therefore help people with weight loss.

Apple vinegar has a small amount of acetic acid that can activate your metabolism to help your body use fat as a form of energy instead of storing it, explains Johnston.

In a study published in the magazine Biology, Biotechnology and Biochemistrypeople lose an average of 1.8 kilograms in 12 weeks after consuming one to two tablespoons of diluted apple vinegar a day.

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Acetic acid in vinegar is useful because it can control appetite and is most effective when it is associated with starchy foods. Acid slows stomach digestion by helping you feel fuller, Johnston explained. Drinking ACV before a meal with starch may make you less likely to thirst for sweets as there is some evidence showing that this helps maintain stable blood sugar.

Does it actually work?

If you do not achieve immediate weight loss results, experts say it's worth trying.

"It's not a magic bullet to lose weight," says Johnston. "I saw very modest weight loss in my studies, one to two pounds [450 to 900 grams] after 12 weeks, "she added.

Simply put, the hot topic of apple vinegar is not a magical solution for weight loss. Experts at the State University of Arizona agree that changing your diet and routine exercise would be much more useful than taking vinegar, although studies have shown that it can help weight loss. (Geo / KES)

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