Thursday , December 3 2020

"Avengers: Endgame": The first reactions and reviews praised Marvel Avengers' latest movie "Everything You Want To Be More" After the Premiere

More than a decade early and 22 films later, "Avengers: Endgame" premiered on Monday in Los Angeles. Some critics talked about the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe saga in social media.

The film takes place after "Avenger's War: Infinity" and follows Marvel's other superhero aspirations to defeat the god-like villain Thanos, who now owns all six of the infinite stone. The movie will be a sure hit on the tape as tickets are quickly sold online and even attract scalpels that sell stubs for over $ 15,000 on eBay,

The first reviews say that the movie is actually life-long.

Eric Davis, Managing Editor at Fandango, Shared on Twitter Endgame is a "master epic" and "a real culmination of 22 films that not only complete the story but expand it too."

"You will learn more about other movies as long as it unfolds." If the War of Infinity is a muscle, the ultimate game is the brain, and wow, what an end! " he added.

Cinemablend's film editor, Eric Eisenberg, Shared on Twitter that he is "absolutely mobile" looking at Endgame.

"This can not be underestimated: #AvengersEndgame is all you want to be and more," he said. "Perfect reflection over the past 11 years, which pays off everything in the best possible way. No doubt my new favorite movie of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Positive feedback continued. Ramin Sethodde of the variety Shared on Twitter There was no dry eye in the house. Writer Mark Hughes called him "The Movie of the Year" and warned fans to "rebuild their expectations." Brandon David from also better summarize it, "I feel the movie was made for every Marvel fan everywhere."

Now fans just have to wait until Friday before they judge it alone. Meanwhile, watch the movie trailer below:

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