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Best Cyber ​​Monday Deals: Switch, Red Dead 2, PS4, Xbox One, Games, Movies, TVs, And More

Cyber ​​Monday has officially begun and we've got a look at the discounts you can pick up on what's the final big shopping day of this holiday season. To start with, there is a 15% offer at Target, and Best Buy is offering some decent deals too. We have updated the full list below with everything so far, including a stellar Xbox One X / Red Dead Redemption 2 deal, cheap PS4 controllers, Nintendo Switch offers, and more.

Why would we talk about Cyber ​​Monday 2018 when Black Friday is still running this weekend? Because these two major shopping days are very close to each other. Many deal hunters will still be recovering from a Black Friday savings hangover by the time Cyber ​​Monday arrives on November 26. If that's you, you'd better pop some Tylenol and hop online, because Cyber ​​Monday deals will be coming in hot.

As for specific Cyber ​​Monday deals, little is known at the moment, though we have gotten a few hints as to what offers will be available. For example, Ebay is doing its "Cyber ​​Weekend" sale, with deals on things like Microsoft Surface Pro and a 65 "4K Smart TV starting on Saturday, November 24. Additional deals will kick off on Monday, Novmeber 26, including on Fallout 76 Xbox One X bundle, although the price has yet to be announced. You can find additional information in our Cyber ​​Monday preview of deals we already know about.

Seeing as retailers will be dropping prices on an array of products on and around Cyber ​​Monday, it can be hard to know if you're getting the best deal possible on any given item. Below, you will find links that will help you sort through the sales to find the biggest discounts available. We will continue adding more links as new sales are announced, making this the go-to page for your Cyber ​​Monday needs.



Target still has many games and movies on sale, but the highlight of its Cyber ​​Monday sale is a 15% offer sitewide. It does have some significant exclusions, but it still lets you make your own deals. This even extends to cover pre-orders of PS4 and Xbox One games like Resident Evil 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Just Cause 4

Best Buy

Best Buy offers early access to its Cyber ​​Monday sale on Sunday, but now everyone has access to full promotion. It includes a ton of games and movies, with many of the same prices as Black Friday, but not everything is the same.


GameStop has followed its nice Black Friday offer with even more deals for Cyber ​​Monday, which includes some terrific offers. That includes $ 30 for Hitman 2, which we did not see discounted at all last week.

PlayStation Network

Sony's digital PS4 game store has already dropped prices for Black Friday, and they will run straight through Cyber ​​Monday.

Xbox Live

Similarly, Microsoft is already offering discounts on hundreds of digital Xbox One games, with sale prices going through November 26.


Steam's Autumn sale continues until Tuesday, giving you only a short while to get cheap PC games on everything from Dead Cells to Dark Souls III.

Ebay Deals

You will find deals on video games and electronics in Ebay's "Cyber ​​Weekend sale."


Nintendo Switch

You will find a lot of Nintendo Switch deals right now, both on hardware (including some console bundles that effectively let you choose what games or games you get for free), games, and controllers. MicroSDXC cards are also on sale, which should come in handy considering the Eshop game sale is ongoing.


Numerous PS4 games are still on sale, as is PS4 hardware. We have seen a rare PS4 Pro discount for Cyber ​​Monday, alongside a nice price drop on PS4 controllers.

Xbox One

There are a number of Xbox One X bundles still available for Cyber ​​Monday, but it's easy to get the system and Red Dead Redemption II for just $ 344.


Red Dead Redemption 2

Cyber ​​Monday has brought fewer deals on Fallout 76 than we had last week, but there are still some discounts to be had. That includes the Ultimate Edition, which is suddenly more tempting because it gets you into Red Dead Online early.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Like Black Dead 2, Black Ops 4 is not seeing as many steep discounts for Cyber ​​Monday, but there are still offers out there – including just $ 38 for the PS4 and Xbox One versions, which is within a dollar of the best price we 'seen.

Fallout 76

Despite its recent release, we continue to see Fallout 76 heavily discounted. Cyber ​​Monday has brought the best prices yet on Bethesda's new online RPG.

Hitman 2

Another discount release is Hitman 2. Unlike Fallout 76, it was not discounted for Black Friday, but now you have the opportunity to get it for half price – $ 30.

Tips and Previews

Deals We Already Know About

Here's everything we know so far about what sales will be on Cyber ​​Monday.

What to Expect

To help prepare you for the craziness of Cyber ​​Monday, we've looked at what happened last year to help set expectations for this year's online shopping day.

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