Tuesday , June 15 2021

Bloomberg breaks Trump: "Totally incompetent"

Michael Bloomberg

Although both of them are New York billionaires, Michael Bloomberg distanced himself from the president by throwing Donald Trump as a man he knows only "casually" through subway interactions and ribbon cutting ceremonies. | Brian Vitte / AP Photo

the White House

Former New York Mayor and potential candidate for 2020 advertise their powers as president in a difficult speech.



– Michael Bloomberg came to Virginia on Friday to give a message to the Democrats: I told you so.

The former mayor of New York presented most of his remarks against Trump as he called the then candidate Donald Trump as a "dangerous demagogue" and broke his business diplomas in a speech to the National Convention on Democrats in 2016

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"Then I said he just is not right," Bloomberg said on Friday morning in a speech by the Democratic Business Council at the event in North Virginia. "He did not have the skills, the temper, the working ethic to be the president of the United States."

While both are billionaires from New York, Bloomberg said he knew Trump in their former life only "casually" through interactions of ceremonial events. "as some federal agencies remain closed against the backdrop of the government's longest closure in US history.

"You got what I described," he said. "This is a man who does not have to be president of the United States and I think we have to be serious. It's over his head.

Bloomberg dismissed America's Chief Executive Officer as a "real estate promoter who had never ruled a large organization before" and "lost much of the stakes" after he had inherited his father.

And while he is still considering whether to seek the Democratic Presidential nomination, Bloomberg is promoting his work papers.

"We need to do something to make sure we find someone different in the White House in two years, and I'm committed to doing it," he said. "It's about competence – or the lack of one. The presidency is not a top level job, and the longer we have a CEO who recklessly runs this country, the worse it will be for our economy and our security. This is really dangerous.

He likes Trump and his horror film administration: "But instead of Freddy Krueger in" Elm Street Nightmare, "we have Donald Trump and the nightmare of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

He also advised voters to reject Trump in the next election, as he understands: You are fired. He asked those in the room who would hire Trump to run their business, and noted that in the private sector businesses have tips that try to help the leaders before taking a heavier step.

"If you can not help them, move them, fire them," he said. – And we have to do that. And for two years a number of honorable people have been trying to help the president just to stay disappointed. "

Trump's anti-doping and blocking in Washington, suggests Bloomberg, is a pragmatic, experienced performer who can reach the path. He recognized his own qualifications, which largely stems from his 12 years in the mayoralty, an executive role which he said included foreign policy and international relations as a place of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the city with the largest number of embassies in the country ,

"We need to make sure we offer real alternatives for 2020 – candidates who can do the job they have training have experience in providing services rather than simply gathering and talking, people who know how to manage, "he said. "These jobs – whether they are president or governor or mayor – are executive functions. … And we have to make sure that we have raised candidates who do it. "

He joked with his rationale to visit early states – to go to Iowa because of climate change and New Hampshire because he has a home there – but admitted he was thinking of a shot at the White House.

"It would be great to be the president of the United States, but you have to look at what you can do in the private sector," he said. – You have to look at choices. You need to look at your family and your personal life and your company, which has been interrupted and changed. And I have a pretty good life. As I say this, I do not like to get away from the challenges.

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