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Burning Post Address After Bomb Ronda Rousey WWE Rumble Bleaching Report

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    The world of struggle was stunned on Thursday when Dave Meltzer reported in his own Observation Bulletin that Ronda Rousey will end with WWE after WrestleMania 35, then focus on setting up a family with her husband, UFC racer Travis Brown.

    Later that day, TMZ Sports reported that Rousey would not go anywhere that he had signed a contract until April 2021 and that any departure would be more than a break from anything else.

    Either way, it looks like the WWE will be without its biggest star for a while, creating these hot issues as a result of the blockbuster report.

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    After arriving at the WWE in January 2018, Ronda Rousey is positioned as the face of the Raw feminine struggle. She has defeated everyone, from Alexa Bliss to Nia Jax, Natalia to Ruby Rio, ensuring that the WWE Universe knows, without a shadow of doubt, that she is the biggest star in the women's division of the flagship.

    If Dave Meltzer's report proves to be more accurate than both and Rousey is, in fact, ending with WWE, the company is left with the unenviable task of restoring its division and positioning someone to be his first star.

    Sasha Banks would have been the obvious choice given her high-stakes history. The fact that it is heating up, just as Rousey's break / departure is a sign that WWE Creative can recognize so much. Another solid option is her partner in the Bailey label team, but she feels too much like a helper after years of being treated as a secondary one.

    Then there was Alexa Bliss, who was at the center of the division before Rushie arrived. She has an attempt to fulfill this role.

    Maybe WWE calls NXT talent like Shaina Bazller.

    The Peak Queen will be a logical choice to replace real life and to continue the routine of the lawful march on Monday night.

    Whatever the case, even if Rousey gets away for a while and comes back later, WWE Creative will have to help someone to take on the role of a divisional coordinator in her absence. There are options and although none of them are as categorical as Rousey, they can carry the division in its absence.

    Arrival of the women's team championship may help.

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    WWE has recorded record-breaking TV deals from FOX and USA Network last summer, partly because content is king and the company produces a ton of it, but also partly because of the history of attracting high-profile names like Ronda Rousey.

    The UFC family was undoubtedly an appealing part of the WWE package.

    If she leaves or even takes a long pause and does not appear on Raw or SmackDown Live, the connection between WWE and her TV partners can start to a rough start. Especially if the deals are made with the expectation that the current Raw Champion Women will be prominent.

    WWE has its money, moving SmackDown to FOX will happen, and Raw will continue to call the US, but he has to wonder if future negotiations or important decisions will be adversely affected by the loss of a household name like Rousey.

    If, in fact, she leaves the company for a long time.

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    Rousey has muted critics by attending almost every WWE Raw episode since her arrival in the company a year ago. She has not taken the part-time approach by treating the show every week as it is important to show and even compete more often than anyone would expect from the star.

    If Rousey does not adhere but takes leave to create a family with her husband Travis Browne, the question is whether she remains a full member of the company's list or if she becomes equivalent to John Cena, The Rock and The Company appears only on the – Significant appearances when the schedule allows.

    On the one hand, this makes each of her performances more special. Matches of SummerSlam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and WrestleMania would make more sense and will be even more anticipated than those currently in play.

    On the other hand, it creates a massive gap that the creative team can fill and no one can do at this point.

    With Roman Reigns already injuring stars such as Brown Strumman, Rousey's potential absence / departure should have WWE Creative very concerned about the depth of the real stars.

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    The woman's revolution existed before Ronda Rousey, for sure, but her arrival was erected on new levels. It is routinely titled Raw, wrestling and appearing in promotional segments in the last segment of the night. She entered and took advantage of the opportunity to carry women's fight to new heights and she did just that.

    Yes, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flier are now hot and more than capable of stealing the show. They can be the faces of women's struggle and continue their ascending trajectory, but without Rosie, can they really bring her to a new level?

    Do they have the star power or even a coherent creative team behind them to ensure the continuous growth of division?

    For all the harsh (and deserved) criticisms, the writing team is at the end of the admission, he has done a masterful job of using Rousey for her strengths and creating the matches and stories that fans really care about. Would it be so inclined to continue to push this quality of narrative, animosity and television to someone who is not it?

    The issue is fair, considering the inconsistencies in the division before it arrives.

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