Tuesday , July 27 2021

Carlos Ghosn, a former Nissan boss, gave a guarantee in Japan. Again.

Tokyo District Court reported on Thursday morning that Ghosn received a $ 500 million ($ 4.5 million) guarantee.

This is the latest development in a legal saga that has seen the former chairman of the Nissan (NSANF) and Renault (RNLSY) arrested several times and twice in prison. Gosn was previously released on bail in early March after spending 108 days in detention.
Ghosn was arrested again in early April for new charges of financial violations. Prosecutors accuse him of having put $ 5 million in Nissan's money for dealerships he controls.

Removed automotive titanium is also awaiting trial for individual charges, downgrading its earnings for years, and misusing its position by transferring its personal investment losses to Nissan.

He denies these accusations and blames the Nissan leaders for plotting to remove him from power.

Carlos Gos says he is a victim of a "backstabbing" conspiracy. Nissan Exex

"It's a plot, it's a plot, it's panting," Ghosn said in a video that was recorded before his re-arrest.

As he was arrested for the first time in November, Ghosn was removed from his positions at Nissan and Mitsubishi and resigned as Chief Executive Officer and President of Renault. This is a stunning hit for the titans in the industry, ever known as a visionary, and is credited with building a powerful global automobile alliance.

Nissan declined to comment that Ghosn received a warranty claiming that an internal investigation "revealed significant evidence of apparently unethical behavior" by his former boss.

Yoko Vakazuky contributed to this report.

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