Saturday , April 17 2021

"Catch a Predator" host Chris Hansen arrested over $ 13,000 in re-check

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from Elisha Filstash

Host Hunter Kris Hansen was arrested on Monday after allegedly writing bad checks to a vendor he owed money to, according to the police.

Hansen became the Stamford police station in Connecticut after an arrest warrant was issued on charges of misappropriation for a bad check, Stamford Seth. – said Sean Sclanlan.

Chris Hansen, a former host of the "Get a Predator" TV program, was arrested Monday in his home town of Stamford.Stamford Police Department / via AP

In the summer of 2017, Hansen bought $ 13,000 worth of promotional items, such as hats, shirts and glasses from a local company, and paid for them with a check that bounced off, Sklan told NBC News.

"The owner and Hansen are moving back and forth for a certain period of time," and in April 2018 Hansen gave the business owner one more check, Sklan said. This one also bounced off.

The police issued an order for Hansen's arrest after he refused to talk to them, Scullan said.

Hansen is hosting the NBC series "Getting a Predator" until it is canceled in 2008. He also hosts spinoffs "To catch a thief" and "To catch a horse on horseback".

In 2015, Hansen kickstarter to fund a new show "Hansen vs. Predator". Cups and T-shirts are listed as incentives for donation.

Hansen was released without bonds and a written promise to appear in court. It's unclear whether Hansen has a lawyer and the phone number he's named for him in Connecticut is off.

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