Sunday , June 20 2021

Clayton Kershau considers Cody Bellinger, Christian Jelic of Brewers "Two of the Best Players in the MLB"

In the rebound of the 2018 National League Championship, Los Angeles Dodgers and Milwaukee, brewers released a show for fans every weekend, with two of the brightest stars in the game featured in Cody Bellinger and Christian Elic.

Bellinger, who became one of the leading candidates for the NL MVP Awards for 2019, showed his talent on both sides of the ball in the fourth Sunday's match against the brewers.

He first robbed Jelic from what would be his leading 14th season host in the Netherlands, and then followed him with his own home hockey to drive the Dodgers for another series.

Jelic, managing the NL MVP, still enjoyed an excellent series, handling four home runs during four games.

Clayton Kershaw, who was in the middle of everything Sunday, was impressed by the Bellinger and Yelich game and identified them as two of the best talents in the game through SportsNet LA:

"What he and Jelicch do are very, very special. This is crazy. I just watch them play, you do not see how it will slow down. Exactly what they do, all the way. White robbed Homer, a stolen base; Elich is the same way. This is quite special. Definitely two of the best players in our game.

With their hot start to start the regular season, it's not surprising that Bellinger and Yelich make many comparisons with each other.

In 23 games so far, Bellinger has led all baseball games in multiple categories, including goals scored (26), total hits (36), average (.424), base (.500) and breakthrough rate (.882).

Yelich, on the other hand, continues to build its breakthrough season in 2018 leading the league in both households (13) and RBI (31) over 23 games played.

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