Tuesday , June 15 2021

Disney's heir, Abigail Disney, says CEO Bob Iger's compensation is "crazy"

Abigail Disney does not want to end a fairy tale about the thousands of people working in the company whose grandfather is a co-founder. But Disney's heir believes that workers who clean the bathrooms in the company's theme parks, for example, should not struggle when the man on the upper floors is, according to her, "crazy", or $ 65.6 million in the executive compensation year .

Roy Disney's granddaughter has questioned Disney's executive director Bob Eger's generous package last Thursday, and then follows her thinking in a series of tweets on the weekend. Saying she likes Egg, she has not been involved in Walt Disney's operations and has not talked about other family members, Abigail Disney Shared on Twitter that "with any objective measure, the pay factor of over a thousand is crazy".

Iger's compensation is 1,424 times higher than that of Walt Disney Co.'s median employee, Equilar, a provider of executive pay data. Separately, a study last year by researchers from Occidental College and the economic round table found that 1 in 10 workers from Disneyland were recently homeless and two-thirds they did not have enough food to eat three times a day.

Disneyland at that time rejected the findings as "unscientific and unscientific."

Walt Disney's top executives may give up half of their compensation and see no impact on their standard of living, with more money spent among more than 200,000 company employees, Abigail Disney said in the social media.

"Anyone who contributes to the success of a profitable and working full-time company should not starve, not have to exchange insulin, and should not sleep in a car," writes the activist and winning documentary Emmy.

This is not the first time that Disney's heir advocates on behalf of the lower-paid workers. She is a member of the patriotic millionaire, an activist group that supports higher taxes for the rich, and has expressed disagreement with the PO tax bill in a 2017 video. She recently told New York that she has spent about $ 70 million over the past 30 years, and that she is a "superconscious of what wealth is doing for people."

Walt Disney protects Eger's compensation as "90% based on performance," and one spokesman said in an e-mail that the CEO had "provided extra value to shareholders." Now the company pays starting salary per hour $ 15 in Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and investing in an educational program to help his workers, the spokesman writes by email.

Workers in the theme park gathered last year for a higher "living wage" of 20 dollars an hour.

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