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E3 2019 – Zelda: Breath of the Wild Trailer of Trailers and Theories

Nintendo always saves the biggest surprises for the last time, right? Although Nintendo has completed its E3 2019 Direct with several surprising messages – such as Hero's Dragon Quest and Banjo & Kazooie who join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as playing fighters – the greatest revelation was right at the end. Nintendo reiterated that the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild is already under development and unveiled a brand new trailer that annoys further details of the ghostly sequel to the title for 2017.

When it comes to the continuation of breathing of the wild, we know very little. Nintendo does a very good job of keeping your games under cover so that the name, history, setup, and extension characters are still relatively unknown. Indeed, the only thing we know for sure is that the game is being done. Our new trailer gave us some new details and from there we can make some educated speculation about what to expect.

Interruption of the trailer

The trailer begins with Link and Zelda, who explore the dungeon. Though Link shakes the same look as in the Breath of Wild Nature, Zelda changed his wardrobe. Although the breath of the wild trousers and blouse are still there, she has taken a nose and a hood similar to that which Linc has in his Hillian kit. She has also cut her hair, attracting a hairstyle that is much closer to what Link has.

Much more noticeable is the music that plays. The use of a synthesizer creates a much more terrible atmosphere than the soft strings of breathing wildlife. The sound, albeit slightly different, was used to play the Zelda Legend before: Twilight Princess. Comparisons with Twilight Princess continue through the trailer as Link and Zelda detonate deeper into the dungeon.

The duo faces a dark energy that seems to almost infect the area and the beings around it, and comes from what appears to be the mummified Calamity Ganon (at least looks like a male Gerudo). The energy itself is directed only through Gannon. It actually comes from a shining hand holding the chest of the mummy. The hand is wrapped in gold jewelry, with designs that look very much like twisted symbols of Twili – a race of individuals trapped in the Kingdom of Twilight after their ancestors (powerful wizards) arrogantly challenged the gods of Hyrule.

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Then we see a sequence of fast cut scenes. The first shows that Link attempts to direct and use the energy that makes the shining hand shine. The next one sees the dark energy in the ceiling. Then there is a shot of Link and Zelda that stretch for each other before they cut the crypt. Then we saw Zelda's hand, which had taken hold of the glowing hand and (perhaps) a recollection of Kalamati Ganon, who faced the dark creature that belonged to that hand. Then the connection and the presence of Zelda seem to awaken something in the tomb, as the floor begins to ruin and the mummified corpse turns to look at them and open their eyes with fierce hatred. The trailer ends with Hyrule Castle, which rises from the ground and a shot of blue energy – again resembling the magic used by Twili (especially Midna, Zant and other powerful leaders).

What this might mean

Of course, all comparisons with the Twilight Princess could not mean anything. Some people complained that the Breath of the Wild was simply not dark enough. A similar complaint was made to The Wind Waker and Nintendo responded with the Twilight Princess. The Breathing of Wild can just resemble the Twilight Princess, because Nintendo just makes a correction similar to that of the mid-2000s.

It's a fairly plausible theory to speculate that Twili and Twilight Realm will be included in the sequel to Breath of the Wild. The early breathing patterns of the wild original story are mentioned foreign participationObviously this was interrupted. However, Twili are something like a stranger to the people of Hyrule. The size they live in may be on a different planet, and the last time they came to Hurrol (the events of the Prince of Twilight) was like an invasive force.

Events of Twilight Princess are also directly outlined in Breath of the Wild. When Link is the knight as the next hero of Hyrule and is gifted Master Sword, Zelda refers to the previous heroes on the ground. "[Link, you] You have proved yourself worthy of the blessings of the goddess of Hilia, Zelda says. Whether they are in heaven, walking in time, or sunk into the glowing coals of twilight … The sacred blade is forever connected to Hero's soul. The Twilight Princess, canonically, takes place before the events of Breath of the Wild, then Twilight Realm exists in Zelda's graphics.

But the relationship with the Princess Twilight is not all that the new trailer is supposed to be. Zeld's decision to accept Link's eyes and the decision to join him in his next adventure may mean a cooperative element. If it's not a co-op, then at least Zelda can be played this time. It would be pretty cool to finally play as the princess that is in the title of the franchise.

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