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End of the game – maybe we just found out what happened after Avengers 4 – BGR

Avengers: End of the game is the hottest upcoming film of the year, no doubt. It's like this is the only movie that matters this year when it comes to online buzz, something that can not be said of other blockbusters in 2019 as Star Wars: Episode IXAll Marvel fans want to understand how Avengers will defeat Thanos and revive all these dead heroes in the process and see which Avengers will come out of the Cinematic Universe of Marvel after Wonder 4As far as what is going to happen next in MCU Phase 4, the only sure thing to date was this Spider-Man: Far from home will repel things. But now we have a huge leak that can tell us what Marvel has planned for the next few years.

Last week we talked about a huge battle scene End of the game it was leaked online and we told you that you should take it with salt. That's because we have no way to check it out Avengers: End of the game premieres in April. You will need mining salt for the following leak because it contains so much detail about the MCU's assumed future that we will have to wait years to see if everything is stacked. Until then, Disney and Marvel could significantly change their plans – assuming that this omission is real.

A Reddit user who is named after him youxantspell shared in a long publication details about the future of MCU after Avengers: End of the game, which are taken from 4chanAs I said, you will need mining salt for this.

Marvel is supposed to run phases afterwards End of the gameand instead deliver two kinds of stories, including street level and space. Characters like Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom will overcome both, and films will not respect the linear timeline. Some of them can be put in the past, including prehistory for Eternals and Black Widow, and some of them will happen in the future.

The new one Spider Man the film will start stories at street level, with Sony wanting to make four movies in the franchise, not just three. The main villain will be Norman Osborne, but great storylines will include Dark Avengers, Dark Reign and Siege. Obviously, they build the Sinister Six, composed of A-list actors, including Michael Keaton and Jake Gyllenhaal, who played villains in the first two films. Miles Morales does not come to the MCU. Sony can keep it after the success of Spider-Verse, with Marvel getting exclusive Spider-Man rights.

Defenders 3Meanwhile, it was supposed to start the cosmic side of things, but Eternals will take its place. Expect Adam Warlok in the space arches, with Annihilus expecting to be a repeat villain like Loki. Titles such as Black Panther 2 and Doctor Strandja 2 is also working. The first one is in trouble, obviously because they can not decide for a villain. Strange 2 may start shooting at the end of summer or early autumn.

Captain Marvel will play a major role in the MCU ahead, of course, and the superhero will be released on the market, similar to what Fox did with Wolverine. Captain Marvel the final scenes will be presented End of the game and created the Eternal. The scrolls will continue to appear in the universe, but for now there is no secret invasive plan.

These alleged leaks do not tell who will die End of the game, but Marvel wants unknown actors for the heroes going forward, with A-listers playing villains. Chris Evans is made with Captain America and he can direct episodes from Disney + TV shows from MCU. However, these shows will not have much to do with movies. Leaks say Marvel and Disney still have no idea what "f ** k will do with X-Men or Netflix symbols."

Finally, leaks also mention Shang-Chi, which will be a tribute to Kung Fu films from the 1960s and 1970s, not CGI films.

The full post covering this assumed leakage follows below. Remember this salt mine while you read it.

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