Sunday , June 20 2021

Enes Canter signs deals with Portland Trail Blazers

Free Agent Center Enes Canter has signed a deal with Portland Trail Blazers, he said on Wednesday.

Canter has made the news agent a Twitter post, saying he is eager to "help Blazers achieve the ultimate goal of competing for a championship."

The Blazers were the choice of the Canter for several serious candidates, including the Los Angeles Lakers.

Nicks dropped out of Canter, 26, in the final trading deadline last Thursday.

Canter will play significant minutes in the center behind Jusuf Nurkick while Portland builds its post-season list. The Blazers are 33-23, tied to Houston Rockets for fourth in the Western Conference, putting in on Wednesday.

The Blazers signed Canter as a limited free agent to a four-year list with a bid of $ 70 million in 2015.

New York had spoken to Kanter potential sales teams before the deadline, but his $ 18.6 million leakage contract proved too difficult to move.

Canter's role with Nix has fallen in the weeks leading up to the deadline, which has made him dissatisfied with his limited role.

Canter has an average of 14 points and 10.5 rebounds for 12th in the league – just 25.6 minutes per game this season for the Nix. He appeared in 44 games.

In eight seasons with Utah, Oklahoma City and New York, Canter averaged 11.9 points and 7.6 rebounds.

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