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Evening Cinderella's career is not enough for Cavaliers to lose 100-94 from Miami Heath: Chris Fedor's immediate analysis

CLEVELAND, Ohio – In the dark season of Cavaliers, affected by injuries, inconsistencies, loss of lines and losses, Cedi Osman has begun to become a beacon of hope.

Cavs lost its sixth consecutive match, 100-94, against Miami Heat on Friday. This is the third time Cleveland has lost to Miami this season.

But coach Larry Drew spoke before the game that he would not be caught in the record for victory. This will make this season only more psychologically challenging than it is for its players.

In this kind of year, Drew's biggest prize-and maybe only-is to see positive steps from the youngsters. After all, these players must lay the foundations and eventually direct Cavs to a better future.

Osman begins to look that part. One evening after high success with 25 points against the elite of the Eastern Conference in Boston Celtics, Osman led this sign against Miami.

He scored 29 points at 11-by-20 from the field to go with four rebounds, four assists, and two theft in 39 minutes. This is the 31st Double Dice game this season. Osman achieved this only seven times in 61 matches as a rookie.

"I think it's just a try," Osman said after the game. "There are a lot of up and down in the season, and I was able to see what my strongest part is and what it is not. So I think I just started to understand what is happening right now. I have been confident in my pictures and all that, and have changed my style of play for the past two months.

His breakthrough game included the whole arsenal.

Helping Cavs to distinguish the suffocating Heat zone, which gave Cleveland a lot of trouble in the first two fights, Osman often shone to the foul line – the weak point of the area – to run the floaters. Osman also escaped in a transition with rotating spins in traffic before Miami's defense managed to get there. When he was given the chance, he even dropped the shot from the outside in succession, hitting 3 of 8 beyond the rainbow.

Earlier this season, Osman seemed to have no confidence in his jumper. Often the second year player would have escaped the 3-point line. On Friday he came into his eyes without hesitation.

"I think he starts to understand," Drew said. "I think the way the teams play it, he just takes what he gives him, he does not want to force things, that's where I think he's in trouble trying to create something that's not there It just allows the game to come to it.

Osman's last two buckets were an offensive rebound and a beautiful back-loop backward curve that limited his career.

His defense was worrying this season. Playing out of position is usually one of the enemy's main goals. He and Cavite were again overcome by the dirty heat, allowing Heat to reach a 100-point mark at 46.3 percent of the field.

But these individual defenses, which indicate that Osman is one of NBA's worst defenders, should not overshadow the development he has made at the other end of the floor.

"You see the talent he owns, you see the abilities he owns, but the biggest thing is that he influences the game," said guardian Duane Wade for his old teammate "Even when he did not have the ball last year when I was here, every time he came in, he was positive, whether it was an assault, whether he was his defense, he was stealing, he was a basketball player to see him get the chance to do make mistakes and learn the game even more. "

It will not be difficult for Drew and Cava to find a bright spot once.

Welcome back

Having missed the previous eight games due to the jagged MCL, Larry Nans Jr. returned to the squad on Friday night.

The coaching staff wanted to release Nance into the rotation and take him off the bench. Nance has helped keep a division that is fighting on Wednesday in Boston. His energy, leadership and play were missed as the Cavs went 1-7 without him, losing an average of 16.9 points during this stretch.

On Friday, Nans made a quick blow, marking his first shot with a hook shot over Hassan Whiteside, one of the league's biggest blockbuster. Later Nans followed Rod's Hood's miss with a thunder stroke.

Nance finished six points and six rebounds in 21 minutes.

Goodbye to Cleveland

Wade's last dance in Cleveland ended with janitorial exchanges with Cavalier Colin Sexton's rookie. Wade, who will retire at the end of this season, received a tribute video during the first time-out.

In his last game at Q, Wade scored 13 points for six rebounds and three assists for 28 minutes.


Cavs will head to Chicago for the fourth and last season's Bulls season on Sunday afternoon.

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