Sunday , June 20 2021

Everyone gets home, Red Bull's new messenger is the best on the 2019 F1

Photos: Red Bull Racing

The Formula One League season is ahead of us and the boys really start to warm up. After testing later this month, everyone will try to show their cool new costumes on the first school day. But the teams that did not give us a first glance at the new threads can also pick them up and get home because Red Bull Racing is undoubtedly the coolest kid in the class.

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Haas, Renault, Toro Rosso, Williams – all of them had their own Liver Launch Party, participating in the action before someone else showed them. But Red Bull is not even officially have released their new car, RB15 – it's just a tease if you can really believe – and they've already proven they know something or two about a good-looking car.

Any team that has not released their car in 2019 may come home. Red Bull wins. Thank u next.

This season they're doing something that Red Bull calls the "Special Edition of the Livery … thanks to Honda's arrival and exciting new pairing of drivers," according to their site. They did a good job.

After dropping off the relatively sedative blue and purple paint scheme, RBR chose an aggressive red and black look. The Red Bull brand is still there, but it's stylized in a way that makes it look like the album cover of the punk band. Which is quite cool.

The words "special edition" give me reason to pause – this is a rather vague phrase could this means that this livery will not be here for a whole season. If there is something I have learned about F1, I will never be excited about something good (and yes, I look you, my favorite team of Marusia F1). But this livery has burdened me. I want to forget all the past crime of F1. He excited me for the race season in a whole new and beautiful way.

The newly-equipped RB15 will take on the Silverstone track later today. Keep your eyes peeled for all the beautiful pictures of this bad boy in action.

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