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Fans enjoy interactive entertainment with Super Bowl Experience

Dressed in the bright red Atlanta Socks outfit, Davi's family arrived early Saturday morning to enjoy the Super Bowl experience in Atlanta.

More than a week before the big game, they joined a steady stream of football fans pouring into Super Bowl Experience Driven by Hyundai, a football theme park located on 800,000 square feet of space within the Georgia World Convention Center.

Michelle Baker, from Raleigh, North Carolina, shows her face while playing a game at the Super Bowl Experience at the Georgia World Convention Center on Saturday. HYOSUB SHIN / [email protected]
(The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

From a layout of drawings and interactive games to football skills and simulation of the NFL dressing room, Daviou's family and other fans of the game had to experience those things you see only on TV.

But the early arrival Daviou, which includes Zack, his wife Aiko and their two and a half year old son Julian, was a special surprise when they entered the Super Bowl Experience and Devonta Freeman took the place for a small autograph signing stage. Here they met star player Falcons, who played in Super Bowl two years ago.

Zac Davie told Freeman, who missed most of the season because of an injury, hoping he is still improving, and "we support you". Freeman thanked him, made football, and smiled at the pictures.

"It's really great that it takes time to do this and be a part of it," Davie said.

While Daviou, a 42-year-old Falcons season ticket for the ticket owner, said he was disappointed his beloved team was not in the big game, he is still excited about his city – where he was born and where he lived his entire life – host Super Bowl. And Davi said he was relieved that Sokol's biggest rival did not compete next Sunday.

"We are happy as fans of the New Orleans are not here," he added. "The game of the saints-New England would be a nightmare.

Fans rise to see Super Bowl rings at the Super Bowl Experience at Georgia's World Congress Center on Saturday. HYOSUB SHIN / [email protected]
(The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Regardless of the loyalty of the football team or the physical force, Super Bowl Experience takes care of even casual fans. Vince Lombardy's trophy – who either Los Angeles Rams or New England patriots will raise the next Sunday night at the Meredes-Benz Stadium – sits shining behind a Plexiglas cube waiting to be examined and photographed.

In another corner, the Atlanta Falconers cheerleaders posed with children with wide-eyed eyes and their stupid dads, while fans who were interested in the foundation could watch soccer balls.

Jerome Betis, Champion Super Bowl XL and Pro Football, helped deliver the Vince Lombardy trophy to the Super Bowl Experience at the Georgia World Congress Center on Saturday, January 26, 2019. HYOSUB SHIN / [email protected]

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Football believers have demonstrated their loyalty in jerseys and hats with the logo of their favorite teams – the Miami Dolphins, the New Orleans Saints, and Cincinnati Bengals were well represented among the crowd.

But the unique aspect of Super Bowl Experience is, well, experience.

These 30-yard field targets that look so easy to explode through the pillars when they sit on the couch? Now is the chance to try to shoot one – and watch the ball scattered a few yards from the artificial grass.

Or how about stitching a net in a basket or opening a 40-yard Hello Maria? Good luck with this, Wannabe Aaron Rogers.

The more confident the physical person is, he can also manage a 40-yard dash, climb the air for a vertical jump, and show his power at the press.

Meanwhile, Freeman said, although "Sadly, the Falcons are not in Super Bowl," he was still glad to be part of Super Bowl Saturday morning and to communicate with fans.

"That's very fun," Freeman said. "It's really great to see all the kids. I love to tell them the sky is the border and to believe in myself. "

Meanwhile, for the Morris family (which is a split household: Tyson is a Falcons fan, Kim's wife is a Saints fan and young children still to be resolved), the Super Bowl Experience is fun for everyone. They surveyed the area – they checked everything from the Lombardy trophy and Super Bowl rings to the games in that huge, rugged playground for children and adults.

Tyson and his 3-year-old Hardin participated in a mock-up. They were selected together in the first round of the Atlanta Falcons – under the sounds of strong greetings and tall pockets around.

"It's exciting for us in Atlanta," said Tyson Morris of Decatur. "It's a great opportunity to show Atlanta."

"It's really amazing to be in Atlanta and experience this in Atlanta," says Kim Morris, a Saints fan. "It would be much better for the saints to be in it, but I'm not bitter.

"Maybe a bit bitter," her husband added.

"Yes, well, maybe a little," she said.

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Jordyn Gruber presents at the Super Bowl Experience at Georgia's World Congress Center on Saturday. HYOSUB SHIN / [email protected]
(The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

For Caruso's family four generations of New England Patriots fans took the festive atmosphere, feeling optimistic and confident to win Sunday's weekend.

"We will certainly win," said Chris Caruso of Atlanta. "We have the greatest coach of all time and the greatest defender of all time."

But here, in Atlanta, many football fans did not feel the patriots, or at least did not root for the patriots.

Next to the Super Bowl Experience at Centennial Olympic Park, the first round of free concerts, dubbed by Atlanta's super producer Jermaine Dupri, began on Saturday afternoon.

The show is scheduled for Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with hip-hop performers, R & B (Monica), country (Craig Campbell) and electronic (Heroes X Villains).

While the Emerald Empire Band was playing in the background, Dupri, dressed in a red jacket and baseball cap with the logo of his So So Def label, said his priority was to present Atlanta.

"I want people to pay attention to the fact that Atlanta is not the city that people think it is," he said. "For the longest time I feel that Atlanta has not received credit that other cities have gained. It is important for us to include for our city. "

As far as the prediction of the game is concerned, the Falcon fan has smiled all his life.

"All fans of Falcons are Rams fans this week."

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Super Bowl Experience Driven by Hyundai Tickets

Prices and time may vary depending on the date. For the first time, the NFL introduced a variable ticket pricing for the Super Bowl Experience. Take advantage of lower weekday rates. By purchasing a $ 20 adult ticket, up to three free tickets for children 12 and less will be available at the Super Bowl Experience boxing on January 28-30. Ticket prices are higher – $ 40 for adults and between $ 10 and $ 25 for kids – on other days. The box office of the Super Bowl Experience is located at the Georgia World Congress B. The office will close two hours before closing the event every day.

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