Tuesday , July 27 2021

"FarFarOut": astronomer NASA finds a potential remotest object in the solar science system

A new object was discovered in remote solar systems and received the name FarFarOut, according to a famous astronomer.

140 times farther away from the Sun from our own planet, the newly identified body – if its discovery is confirmed – will become the farthest known object in our solar system.

The current record-maker, a dwarf planet 120 times the Sun's Sun, is just called FarOut when it was spotted by the same team in December last year.

The latest discovery was made by Dr. Scott Shepard, of the Carnegie Science Institute in Washington, who, along with his team, worked on analyzing astronomical data to find a much-discussed, but still spotless, body known as Planet Nine. times greater than the mass of the Earth.

The hypothetical Planet Nine, believed to be hiding in the distant Cloud Oort, is supposed to exert a gravitational attraction to objects in the depths of the Solar System, including the newly discovered dwarf planet Goblin and another object named Biden.

Shepard said he had found FarFarOut when a lecture he had to give his team postponed, and he went back to analyzing his data.

"It's hot news from the press," he said, giving his lengthened lecture in Washington on Thursday. "It was raining yesterday so I had nothing to do, so I went over to review some of our data."

He said FarFarOut was a little mysterious. – Very weak; it's on the brink of our ability to find it, "Shepard said. "We do not know anything about the orbit of this object, we just know it's far, far."

Shepard said further observations are underway to shed more light on the discovery.

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