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Flynn contacted GOP Muller's criticism while collaborating with a special advisor

Flynn sent direct messages to Twitter to representative Matt Gaetz, encouraging Republicans from Florida to "maintain pressure". It is not clear whether Flynn has sent additional messages to other lawmakers.

"You remain at the top of what you are doing, your leadership is so vital to our country now, keep pressure," Flynn wrote in a message from April 2018 to Gaetz, which was received by CNN.

In the evening, Flynn sent the message to Gaetz, the MP appeared on Fox Business's "Dobbs", where he criticized Muller's investigation.

"We have to play a much greater role in uncovering hypocrisy in the Justice Ministry," Gaetz said on April 3, 2018. "Without evidence of collusion, without evidence of any crime, they let Bob Mueller investigate things that happened before Donald Trump even contemplated running for president.

At the same time, Flynn sent Gaett the direct message.

Gaetz also received a message in February this year. On the day that Advocate General William Barney confirmed, Flynn sent GIF to Gaetz on a bald eagle and an American flag without accompanying text.

Gaetz, who called for Muller's resignation and is among the most vocal critics of the special lawyer, confirmed that he had received the messages but said he had not responded. Gaetz had no prior connection with Flynn, he said.

The reports raise new questions about Flynn's contact with politically powerful people after his recognition of Guilin in the investigation of Muller. They contribute to the perception that occurred in Flynn's lawsuits, which he has changed between helping the special counselor and sparking Muller's criticism in the Republican Party.

Flynn and Muller's cooperation is in the spotlight again when the court documents printed on Thursday revealed that Flynn told the special lawyer that "persons related to the administration or Congress" had contacted him – with a lawyer President Donald Trump even left a voicemail – and potentially attempts to influence his willingness to cooperate. Muller admits to Flynn's report that he contacted him, and the special lawyer asked the judge last year to consider not sending Flynn to prison because of his crime because he was so helpful.

Flynn's disclosures to Muller have raised the possibility that Trump or others around the president have tried to hinder justice with Flynn's help. But Müller did not deal with this possibility in detail either in Flynn's new filing, nor in his final report on the possible impediment to justice.

Instead, Muller said he could not determine whether Trump had directed his personal lawyer to leave a voice mail to Flynn's lawyer for his consideration.

Flynn's lawyer refused to comment on Friday.

Gaetz attacks Müller

Flynn is almost totally silent in public, as in December 2017 he has been found guilty of the lie of the investigators – and continues to remain low because he has not yet been convicted.

Yet Twitter messages show that he has made a connection with at least one lawmaker who has attacked the special lawyer's investigation and has increased Trump's message that the special lawyer's investigation is a fiction and a "witch hunt."

Gaetz presented a resolution in 2017 calling for Mueller's resignation and headed a major group of Republicans who sharply criticized the legitimacy of the special lawyer and insisted on investigating the origin of the Trump-Russia investigation.

Gaetz is also a regular participant in the Fox News television channel, something the president often raises with him when he talks, said last year.

Although Gaetz says he had no relationship with Flynn, he urged the president to give Flynn a pardon and other targets to the Müller probe last year. "If I was President Trump, I would pardon Paul Mannorth, I would replace Michael Flynn's sentence and be closed with these two," Gaetz said in an interview with Fox News.

It is not yet clear what Congressional individual has been mentioned in Thursday's court documents to reach Flynn. The Washington Post reported on Thursday that the Trump administration, who contacted Flynn, was formerly Trump's lawyer John Dawd. Dowd does not respond to CNN's request for comment.

Flynn told Mueller about the discussions, according to the court records, and gave the special attorney a voicemail record of one of the talks that the federal judge had ordered to be released publicly.

Policy and cooperation

Twitter messages can complicate Flynn's situation in court.

In December 2018, Flynn went to Judge Emmet Sullivan in a US District Court with a weaker sentence of prosecution than any other accused in Muller – almost without imprisonment. But Sullivan resorted to legal information written by Flynn's lawyers that the FBI agents had failed in their approach to it. At that moment, Flynn seemed to be sympathetic to the Republican attacks on the FBI agents he was lying during a meeting at the White House.

At his court hearing in December, Sullivan asked whether Flynn had accepted the responsibility for his crime. Flynn said, "I was aware," that the FBI lie is a crime.

Flynn asked the judge to postpone the sentence while he continued to cooperate on other federal issues, and a new date was not fixed.

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