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Gold State Warriors are not discouraged after the loss of the fourth consecutive game

OAKLAND, California – For the first time in the era of Steve Kerr, the golden state warriors have lost four consecutive games. The last failure came on Wednesday night at a loss of 123-95 at Oklahoma City Thunder, a game in which the Warriors never found a solid rhythm and tried to close the division again.

This is the first time the soldiers have fallen four times from February 26 to March 2, 2013, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The 450 games between four-game losses are the fourth longest series in the history of the NBA, according to Elias Sports Bureau.

"We just do not bake the ball well," soldiers Kevin Durant said. "It's hard to find the edge right now when we get it, 95 points, we really do not want that, we did not shoot the ball well, all of us. So we knock down a few shots, I think our defense was hard I think we've done a good job on the defensive side of the ball, but after some time the shooting does not drop, it leads to other things. They are firing 23 more shots from us – beat. "

Over four games, soldiers averaged only 95.5 points. While the band is disappointed with their recent game, they are confident in the dressing room, considering that Dramond Green (finger) and Stephen Carey (tensed left groin) are expected to return at some point in the near future.

Kerry missed six consecutive matches and is expected to miss at least a few more after losing his groin at the loss of Milwaukee Bucks on November 8. The Greens have missed three consecutive games as he continues to deal with the thumb problem.

"Our boys – they will not be too discouraged," said Coach of Warriors Steve Kerr. "They know, especially the boys who have been in this league for a long time, know the training." In the last few years, we have not felt that much – maybe once or twice – but that's part of being in the league, being hit, you lose games, just get out of it, get healthy and keep going and things turn around.

Kerr tries to shoot the positive vibes during the recent bad stretch of the team, dating back to the loss of overtime on November 12 on the way to LA Clippers. This loss was overshadowed by the verbal tugs between the Greens and Duran, which shook the team and led Green to miss the victory over Atlanta Hawks on November 13th for a one-time suspension of the "Behavior to Team Defeat" game following an exchange of words with Durant,

Kevin Durant says the warriors will come out of the crash, but that will take the job. "I had confidence in everyone in the dressing room that we will make these better days happen, but we will not show up anywhere and we will improve for us," he said. AP Photo / Jeff Chiu

While the players and the coaches said the group was moving along the incident – Duran was remarkably more optimistic on Wednesday before the match – the reality is that the team did not look right for more than a week now when trying to find its focus again without Curry.

– It's a long season, man said Quinn Cook. "Two weeks ago we were unbeatable … the best team he never had, we are now confronted with some restlessness, we lose four, we trust each other." Basketball club championship, we know we have to be better, but it's a long season.

Veteran's guard Clay Thompson echoed similar moods, believing that better days would come for his band sooner. One of the biggest problems for the team in the short run is that young players such as Damian Jones, Damian Lee, Kevin Lowen and the new addition Jonas Jerebko are still trying to find their place in the system as Kerry and Green recover.

"You never want to apologize to this league," Thompson said. "But we still have a bunch of new boys and young boys and we still adjust to how to play with each other. That was not nice tonight. These were not the last four games. But if you want to give a positive tonight, this is the first time we've ever lost four consecutive games with Steve, so for the five years here, it's pretty unbelievable if you really think about it.

Instead of going away for the past week and a half, the players came out of the dressing room on Wednesday, believing they could turn things around during a weekend break against Portland Trail Blazers and Sacramento Kings.

"They will not just happen, but we have to make them happen," Durant said on the idea that the Warriors had better days. "I trust everyone in the dressing room that we will make these better days happen, but it will not appear anywhere and will improve for us.

Curr joked that he could try some new tactics to weaken his team in the next match on Friday.

"I think I have to get drunk on Friday," Kerr said. – Do you know this ball game? I'm not very good at this, but I could try this too.

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