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Greg Jarrett: The stone indictment does not show any evidence of a "secret agreement" of Trump-Russia.


The accusation of President Trump's former political adviser Roger Stone, who was arrested on Friday on charges of obstructing formal proceedings, making false allegations and forging witnesses, shows once again that there is no evidence of a "secret agreement" between Trump-Russia .

Special Envoy Robert Muller investigates allegations in May 2017 that Donald Trump or the people during his presidential campaign may have worked with Russia to win the 2016 election. There is no doubt that if Muller believed there was proof of such an activity, the Special Attorney would have imposed on Stone some crime involving collusion, including conspiracy.

It is significant that Stone has not been accused of anything that has to do with clauses. In fact, no one has been charged with the alleged crime that Muller has appointed to investigate.


Instead, in his accusation in Stone, Mueller chose to do what he did so often – to bring charges that had been generated by his own investigation. They are commonly referred to as "process crimes". This means that they are crimes against the lawsuit. Such crimes usually happen when someone interferes with the investigation procedures.

Nowhere in Muller's indictment is it claimed that Stone had negotiated, co-ordinated or negotiated with Russia to influence the presidential election in 2016

This is not to minimize "crimes in the process". They are serious violations of the law. No one should lie, mislead or obstruct the lawful investigation of law enforcement.

However, the distinction between a principal offense and a criminal offense is significant. The first is an independent criminal act. The latter stems from the investigation of whether such an act had occurred.

"I will admit myself guilty of these charges," Stone said to reporters after his arrest and appearance at the Fort Lauderdale federal court in Florida. "I will win them in court, a politically motivated investigation."

So far, Müller's comprehensive investigation has not provided any evidence and no accusations in support of his original mandate. The Special Attorney has little to show for his efforts, which cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, and has broken the president with unfounded accusations as soon as he takes office.

So far, Müller's comprehensive investigation has not provided any evidence and no accusations in support of his original mandate. The Special Attorney has little to show for his efforts, which cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, and has broken the president with unfounded accusations as soon as he takes office.

The unfortunate truth is that a wicked plot supposed to have risen between Trump and the Russian President Vladimir Putin in the core of the Kremlin has been deceiving all the time-it just has never happened.

As President Trump repeatedly said, "there was no collusion."

In fact, the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton paid for unverified information from Russia, and then handed it to the FBI and the Justice Department under a scheme that would harm Trump, her political opponent.

Therefore, the "Trump-Russian" agreement is nothing more than a clever and unfair invention. The Clinton-Russian "secret agreement" is authentic and one of the most dirty tricks in modern American politics.

The FBI has become an accomplice to the Trump formation scheme in a series of unjust, if not corrupt, decisions.

First, the Bureau should never begin its initial investigation in July 2016, which later became Muller's probe. He had no probable cause and no credible evidence to justify the investigation.

Secondly, the FBI should never abuse an unverified anti-Trump "file" made up of a discreditable and prejudiced source to get a spy on a Trump campaign's foreign policy adviser. In the course of the trial, the FBI and the Justice Department withdrew evidence from an intelligence tribunal and defrauded the judges who issued wiretapping orders.

Finally, a special lawyer should never be appointed. According to federal regulations, there must first be evidence of a crime for the appointment of a special lawyer. There is no such evidence.

If it were not the bad behavior of the FBI and the Justice Department, there would never be an investigation that Kaun suspected would hinder, which would mean that no indictment would be brought against him.

The truth is that the inappropriate existence of Muller's investigation creates the crimes Stone accuses of committing crimes.

The indictment against Stone indicates that he may have had some prior knowledge or insider information about Clinton's campaign emails that were published by WikiLeaks in the summer of 2016.

WikiLeaks never said how he received emails. Russian intelligence officers are reportedly responsible for hackers.

Stone's efforts to gather details about the emails and surrender them to Trump's campaign are certainly an irritating story; this activity is not a crime. At that time, hundreds of journalists – including myself – contacted sources or were trying to get additional information directly from WikiLeaks. None of us is charged with a crime.

Apparently, Stone is pondering or predicting that hacking emails will be very damaging to Clinton's campaign. This, of course, was obvious.

The study of Stone's emails shows that it offers slightly more than the same information that WikiLeaks has already made public. Stone's mistake, if any, is that he created the advent that he knew more than he actually did.

But millions of people every day exaggerate their knowledge of all sorts of things to make them look smarter or more important than they really are. They are not accused of committing crimes.

Unless it can be shown that Stone is somehow involved in the actual hacking of Clinton's emails, he has not violated any felony crime laws. That is why he is not charged with a conspiracy.

Five of the accusations against Stone are for untrue assertions during the investigation of Muller. They will be extremely difficult to prove to a special lawyer. The statute governing these crimes (18 U.S. 1001) requires proof that false claims are made "deliberately and deliberately".

Damaged memory or reduced memory is not sufficient to maintain the specific requirement of the intent of the criminal charge. If Stone remembers events differently than Muller interprets them, it is not a crime.

Stone also amended some of his testimonies with corrected statements. This will be presented as evidence in his defense.

Accusations of forging witnesses and obstructing the investigation may be more problematic for Stone. Much will depend on the facts as they are developed.

So far, the accusatory act of Mueller for Stone must be read through a skeptical lens. Prosecutors present only their own sloping versions of the events. During the trial, Stone's attorneys will present their evidence and arguments. Like all accused, Stone must be considered innocent unless prosecutors prove it.

Unfortunately, "Muller's processes against Stone and others in the Trump's orbit represent a selective and uneven persecution compared to their attitude towards Clinton's allies.

Neither Clinton's senior associates, Huma Abedin nor Cheryl Mills were accused of falsely reporting to the FBI in their 2016 interviews about the Clinton email scandal in which Clinton used a wrong private email server instead of requiring secure e- State Department State Mail.

Abbedin and Mills insisted that they did not know anything about Clinton's personal server until he left the State Department. Yet the exchange of emails has proved that their claims are obviously fake.

Former FBI director James Howie said that the criminal prosecution of Abdein and Mills was unjustifiable, and the House of Commons Judiciary was disparaging: "There are always contradictory memories of facts."

This is the same person who distorted the facts and broke the law to clear Clinton from the constitutional act that she so cruelly broke. He misinterpreted the law in a way that could only be deliberate. Then he was the weapon of law to investigate Trump without legal basis or credible evidence.

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The same double standard of justice is now being enforced by longtime friend and Comedy ally Robert Muller.

President Trump's enemies are desperate to find anything – whatever – in Muller's investigation that points to Trump's violations because they want the president to be removed from power. Until now, nothing that has become public is not "smoking with arms" that they imagine can show that Trump has been involved in some criminal activity.

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