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Grumpy Cat is dead but will live through AI

Grumpy Cat is likely to live in a specific technological area: artificial intelligence.

The images distributed on the Internet are often collected by researchers and used to train artificial intelligence algorithms to perform tasks such as recognizing humans or animals in images, or even learning how to generate entirely new images of humans or animals .

There are millions of images of Grumpy Cat online, so it should not be surprising that they seem to affect the artificial cats generated by at least one AI system. The cat may appear in data sets containing images from the Internet – and in the results that appear from these datasets – the AI ​​shaping in an exhilarating way for years to come.

The cat, whose real name was Tardar sauce, had a cat dwarf. In September 2012, she became known for the internet when her owner's brother published her in Reddit. People on the platform immediately reacted with publishing countless variations of the original from Photoshopped. Imgur's picture page reached 1030,000 views in the first 48 hours, and a cat video posted on YouTube quickly managed to reach millions of views.

These days, Google's search for "Grumpy Cat" returns nearly 73 million results, many of which are pictures. The dead cat is distributed online, often as memes, published with a large, white white text that says everything from "Go back … I'm not finished yet" to just "No". There are countless pictures on the internet of Grumpy-Cat inspired goods: pillows, shirts, mugs, slippers, and more.

These AI-generated cat images look like Grumpy Cat but are not real.
Janelle Shane, a researcher working on a book that uses humor to explain AI, has also recently noticed that the AI ​​system has created numerous artificial cats that looked terrible like Grumpy Cat.
The artificial intelligence system, called StyleGAN, was developed by researchers from the Nvidia computer chip manufacturer and released earlier this year. While initially focusing on the use of a set of Flickr images created by Creative Commons, researchers also used an existing set of cat images – part of a larger set of data from different images collected by Princeton researchers – to see what types of cats can make StyleGAN.
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Shane spent time in over a thousand results and told CNN Business that she was surprised she did not have to look for a lot of people to detect suspiciously such images of the emblematic cat. In several thousand images, for example, she found at least two dozen.

"It's not a" wall-to-wall dead cat, "but you do not have to look very long," she told CNN Business.

Some of the produced Grumpy Cats even included something that looked like a distorted texture of the memama: the correct type of font (white with a black contour), but what it did not look like real words.

Shane did not pass through all the images in the dataset to confirm that there is Grumpy Cat, and if so, how often, but expecting that there are many images of the famous cat. (The researchers who collected the dataset did not immediately return comment requests.) And while it is unclear how many Grumpy Cat images are in the AI ​​arrays or the Internet at all, Shane expects Cat Cats to be in many of them, given the cat's popularity and the propensity of AI researchers to share and reuse data sets.

"A small part of it can be in years and years," she said.

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