Thursday , June 24 2021

Guntersville schools join Boaz, Albertville and Marshall County to close due to flu

Guntersville City Schools will join three other nearby schools that close on Monday for a flu outbreak.

Closure was announced on Facebook on Saturday's school district. School officers will close the school on Monday and Tuesday to "provide an opportunity to rehabilitate the school system."

The school on Friday publishes a social media message, warning parents to observe the outbreak of the flu. They also recommend parents keep their children home from school if they have fever of 100 degrees or higher in the last 24 hours, or if they have general feelings of muscle aches, fatigue, discomfort, vomiting or coughing.

Alabama schools are closed due to flu; a large number of diseases communicated in some parts of the state

Guntersville is the last school to announce the closure of the flu. Boaz City schools will also be closed on Monday and Tuesday after more than 10% of students are absent from school on Friday, according to school officials.

The Marshall County schools will also be closed on Monday and Tuesday.

City schools in Alberville, which were closed on Friday, will be closed on Monday.

Closures are in much of North and East Alabama, which take into account what the Department of Public Health in Alabama classifies this week as "significant" influenza activity. – must be turned off.

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