Sunday , June 20 2021

Here's who worked without pay by excluding

(CNN)The difficulties faced by civil servants forced to work unpaid at the time of closure did not simply disappear when President Donald Trump opened the government for three weeks on Friday.

Many of these approximately 450,000 federal officials were forced to withdraw from their savings or find other ways to spread their dollars because the suspension lasted for 35 days. Now they still have to wait for their salaries to arrive and wait to see the widespread effects of missed salaries.

Despite the Battle of the Capitol Hill, federal officials in the country continued to do their job. Here are some of the stories of those who were supposed to work during the longest government stop in US history:

Department of Homeland Security

Transport Security Administration


Border patrol

Citizenship and Immigration Services

Department of Justice


Secret Service

Ministry of Transport

Federal Aviation Administration

Federal Prison Bureau

State Department

Ministry of Finance

Tax Collection Service

Health and Human Services

Food and Drug Administration

Ministry of the Interior

National Parks Service


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