Thursday , June 17 2021

How Caylor Murray's elevation can help Jets get a big draw project

One year after the trade to get a quarterback, Jets may be able to trade this year and get out of the way.

Sitting with a trio, Jets could find a trading partner who desperately wants to land one of the biggest advocates in this year's project. The announcement by Kyler Murray of Oklahoma on Monday that he chooses football over baseball just helps Jets' chances.

Many people do not think Murray for top five talents, but everyone knows what is happening with quaterbits in the draft – their stock goes up every day. One year ago, no one spoke of another Oklahoma defender – Baker Mayfield – who is number one in the project. Most people think he is the fourth best defender. But here, in April, his name was first called by Browns.

Suppose Murray has a good performance at the NFL scouting plant for two weeks and it's bigger than expected, interest will increase. He and Dwayne Haskins of Ohio are the only possible top-10 penalties.

For jets, they have to hope for several teams behind them to fall in love with one of these neighborhood players and become desperate to climb up. The country is strange, as the three best teams – cardinals, 49ers and Jets – simply engage with young players.

Ryder is a wild card number four. John Grudden seems to be dedicated to Derek Carr, but you never know Gruben. Number 6 and jaguars in 7th place are the places where the quarterback market is booming. In addition, Broncos (# 10) may still be on the market for a young defender, although he reportedly trades with Joe Flacco. The Bengal (11), the Dolphins (13) and the Red (15) were also able to watch.

Teams can view the giant jumps as an obstacle they have to clear to get a quarterback. This would mean a jump to 5, where the Bucanists are. But if there are several teams intrigued by quaterbits or if the attackers are thought to be interested in a quarterback, jets can shop in the third choice.

Trading would have been perfect for General Manager Mike McKannyan, who has several holes to fill his list and only six. He may be able to take back the second round, which he declined in trade with Colts to move to number 3 last year.

A fascinating scenario is if the giants are the team that urges Jets to move upward to receive a quarterback. The two teams made only one deal, but McAugnoun would be happy to call his Giants colleague Dave Getwell. It is not as if both teams are willing to deal with each other. Jets tried to make a daily trading with the Giants in 2016 and the Giants privately wondered why the Jets did not engage them last year when they were trying to trade and the Giants held the second choice.

Recent history shows that teams that need a defender will have a willingness to cope. Since 2016, 11 duplicates have been compiled in the first round. In 10 of these cases, the team switched to play a quarterback. Only Brown did not climb to Mayfield last year because they already had a No. 1 selection. Jets (Sam Darnold), Bills (Josh Allen), Cardinals (Josh Rossen) and Ravens (Lamar Jackson) were traded. In 2017, Bears (Mitch Trubisky), Chiefs (Patrick Mahomes) and Texans (Deshaun Watson) move up.

The obsession began in 2016 when both Rams and Eagles made aggressive moves to 1 and 2 seats respectively to take Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. Broncos also moved this year to choose Paxton Lynch.

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