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How long does Queen Elizabeth wait for Prince Harry to calm down?

Anyone who remembers what Prince Harry was when he was younger will know he has given his family a lot of worries and headaches. The Prince has always been in the news of his crazy fools and is totally opposed to his more mature brother, Prince William.

But over the last few years, Harry has become a great 180th. As he prepares to bring his first child into the world, we think it's time to look back at Harry's life in his youth to see how long Queen Elizabeth waited for her grandson to settle down.

Prince Harry was known as a wild child when he was young

Prince Harry
Prince Harry and his brother Pictures of PA through Getty Images)

During his teen years, Harry's news was in trouble. As a student, he was caught taking drugs and was accused of having recruited a teacher's help for fraud.

A few years later, his character was questioned when he was filmed in a Nazi costume. As if that was not enough when Harry was in the army, he was caught on tape, calling his colleagues Paki and Rugheed.

At the beginning of the decade, as William settled down with his long-time friend, Harry made a headline for his coupons. It is remarkable that in 2012 naked pictures of his wild night in Las Vegas appear in tabloid magazines all over the world, causing the royal family to face a lot of shame and shame.

Prince Harry met a girl before meeting Megan Mark

For most of his youth, Harry was known to be in relationship with Chelsea Davey, the daughter of the Zimbabwean billionaire. While Davey is studying right in London and enjoying prestige in a prestigious company, she is best known for having an idea of ​​a party girl in the media – not much different than Harry's reputation.

The couple dated for several years before eventually falling apart. It is believed that Davey does not want to bear the burden of marrying the royal family.

Prince Harry became a serious family man with Megan Mark

After many years of negative titles, Harry managed to turn his life back. In the last few years he has begun to make more effort to represent the queen and to support significant causes.

More importantly, Harry also fulfilled his dream of creating a family when he married American actress Megan Marcel. It itself has the same purpose as the history of humanitarian work that allows Harry to have some good influence around him.

Far from his days of assault, Harry is known today to promote equality and human rights with his wife. He is a feminist, and Megan has also said she wants her child to be a feminist regardless of gender.

The couple expects their first child, which may happen soon, and Harry helps his wife a lot during pregnancy. From the creation of their new home to reducing their workload to be there, Harry is an example of a model of a great husband and father.

Queen Elizabeth seemed to like Megan Markel

It is given that compared to before, Queen Elizabeth no longer worries about Harry these days – he has grown into a great man and lives in a more meaningful life. The Queen looks like Megan. The former actress is Harry's great companion and takes her role seriously in the royal family. There is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth boasts a grandson of how much he has come.

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