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"If Players Don't Buy a Loot Box, They Will Not Be Added to the Game"

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In the latest development of the loot box saga that is taking place in the video game industry, people are angry at Ubsioft because of its semi-official attitude to the controversial monetization method.

This week, the news is that the upcoming 2.5D racing multiplayer game from Ubisoft, Trial Increases, will have a loot box – like many Ubisoft games – broke, and some players aren't surprisingly very unhappy about the news.

In a thread on Steam, several PC players in the gaming community gathered to talk about confirmation, and slammed Ubisoft and games for news.

If you search for threads for yourself, you will really see all kinds of reactions. Some people point out that booty boxes are only for cosmetic items, which means the impact is minimal and interactions are not needed or even encouraged. Meanwhile, the others were really angry. Some are even unpleasant.

At the beginning of the thread, the Ubisoft developer replies that everyone knows that the team will be notified of concerns about "Gear Crates." Beautiful hom friendly response. But this was followed by another Ubisoft developer who represented "Ubisoft Support." And their responses are more honest and interesting, and therefore less friendly homework, and certainly do not reduce the worries intended to be addressed.

"As has been shown, this booty chest is purely cosmetic," wrote the developer Ubisoft. "I really appreciate why players feel like they are about them (not my own big fan), however, because it also shows, you can always not buy it."

The developer continues:

"In the end, they are aimed at players who want something to help them stand out from the crowd while playing online, or even only those who are big fans of the game and want to support us further.

"Yes, that means that some players end up spending more money on our games than others and that results in increased profits for us. It also helps us to put more money into new titles and to understand what players are looking for in their games. If players don't buy this chest, they won't be added to the game in the future. "

The developer concluded that booty boxes were "not bad if done correctly," indicating their implementation at Trial Increases does not exceed the step limit as happened in several other releases in recent years.

Wherever you go down in the booty box and its continuation, it's a shame to see developers take control of them, especially when they pass a special booty box of cosmetics. This is not the most subtle PR work by Ubisoft, but some responses in the thread are over-the-top, but that is to be expected when booty boxes are a discussion at hand.

Trial Increases ready to be released worldwide on February 12, 2019 through PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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