Friday , June 18 2021

If you've applied for a trip to Mars, we have bad news


Whatever happened to Mars One Ventures, the company that planned to send 24 people on a one-way trip to the red planet? In a probably not shocking development, it goes bankrupt. The border notes that they have long suspected that everything is at the root of fraud, as the company does not have a firm plan on how to actually transport people to Mars. Swiss financial statements confirming the bankruptcy of the company, which came into force on January 15, were noticed by Redditor, and the Dutch entrepreneur who launched the company confirmed the news for Engadget. He says, however, that Mars One, a non-profit organization, is still functioning (although it has no means to do anything) and that only the profit deal, Mars Ein Ventures, is disbanded.

Deleted post on the Mars One website says Mars One Ventures "is currently working on a decision with an investor," and confirmed that "bankruptcy involves only Mars One Ventures AG and does not affect the financial position of the Mars One Foundation, the Mars One Foundation "is actively continuing its efforts to provide funding for the next steps of the mission, either through the listed companies or directly in the Foundation." Then, in the post on the website Tuesday, the company said a new investor would reveal his plans for the company on March 6th. "For the actual trip to Mars, the company will continue to seek strategic cooperation with famous companies and organizations involved in traveling to Mars." Mars himself will focus on an even more inspiring "presence," in the adventurous story of the people who actually live on Mars, turning the Red Planet into a new home. (Oh, what could be.)

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