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It is reported that the role of Ghostbusters followers is a leading role

12-year-old actress Sarah Abbott, who appeared in episodes of The Reborn Heroes and Black mirrorIt is reported to be among the young test auditions for Jason Reitman Ghost lovers 3, According to HN Entertainment,

Previously, it was learned that the project, operating under the code name "Rust City", will focus around four teenagers: two women and two men.

According to descriptions of the characters shared by HN Entertainmentone of the casts is a 13-year-old boy described as a "conspiracy theorist" deep in fantasy, and the other is a 12-year-old girl described as a "child of science," who has emotional difficulty in connecting without realizing that other comments are offensive.

The descriptions of the other two openings are not yet on the surface.

"said Sculptor Daniel Richhtman in Twitter the character listened to by Abbott is included first in a breakdown, which shows that the 12-year-old hero has a leading role.

Abbott's listening tapes, published in Vimeo, see the girl admit working on jokes to make people feel more comfortable before being informed by her father that she unconsciously upset her teacher by asking " has stopped the diet again. "

Then the girl protects the study of a joke book by saying, "I'm not a machine, I just do not accept the traditional social signs," suggesting there is a autism spectrum disorder.

Scene 2.1 before auditioning by Mark Abbott at Vimeo.

Straightforward of the 1984s Ghostbusters and 1989 following Ghost Whale IIboth directed by Reitman's father, Ivan, without name Ghostbusters The project is expected to include original franchise stars Bill Murray, Dan Eckroyd and Erny Hudson after Winston Zedemore's actor was recognized Johnnie Dare's morning show "The fans want [a ‘passing of the torch’] to happen dynamically. "

While appearing on the show, Hudson said he had not yet been subjected to a contract clarifying the comments posted by Daily Mail where he noted "everyone is inside".

At the announcement of the project, Reitman confirmed the next Ghostbusters is set in the same sequence as the first two films and is not related to the reboot in 2016, directed by Paul Fage.

"I always thought of myself as the first time Ghostbusters a fan when I was 6 years old on the set. I wanted to make a movie for all other fans, "said Reitman, who co-wrote the script Monster House director Gil Kenan. "This is the next chapter in the original franchise. This is not a reboot. What happened in the 1980s happened in the 1980s, and that is today.

Earlier, the project was criticized by reboot star Leslie Jones, who later clarified that she worried that women's bounce would lead to a message that "boys are better"

Since then, Sony Pictures has been dating an unknown name since time Ghost Lovers 3 July 10, 2020

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