Sunday , June 20 2021

Jussie Smollett says she "will only stand for love" in return for a post-attack

Jussie Smollett returned to the scene with a love message on Saturday night in her first public appearance, allegedly hurt in possible hate crimes earlier this week.

Smollett went on stage at Troubadour in West Hollywood, California, after introducing his older brother Joel, who calls him a "true artist" and "incarnation of love."

"Regardless of what someone else says, I will stand for love only," said Juice Smolet, tearing apart before starting the set. – We hope you all stay with us.

Initially, the presentation had to include a meeting-and-greeting for the fans who had refreshed their tickets; These people, however, will be recovered due to security issues, according to an email from the TicketWeb vendor.

"Jussie is so honored to perform for his fans, friends and family on Saturday night, however, please forgive us." For security reasons, we can not accommodate every meeting and congratulations. Your meeting & greet an upgrade be reinstated or donated to the Black AIDS Institute on your behalf, "the email provided to ABC News said.

The LAPD refused to comment on whether there would be any additional police presence around the venue, and it is unclear whether the site itself has enhanced the security of the star Empire.

36-year-old Smollett was expected to perform pieces of her album "Sum of My Music," which was released last year.

Dozens of detectives are tracking new traces and tracking actors' movements this morning through video and photos, the Chicago police said earlier on ABC News.

Police also hope to find and talk to two potential individuals who can be seen in video surveillance in the area where the alleged attack occurred.

"While the video does not detect a meeting, detectives take this development seriously and want to question people as more cameras are being viewed," said Anthony Gullielmi, chief communications officer at Chicago, writes in Twitter,

Smollett told the police that men also poured an "unknown chemical" on it – perhaps bleach – and wrapped a rope around his neck, the police said. The rope was still around Smolet's neck when the police spoke to him afterwards.

Brandon H. Moore, Smollett's music manager, previously told ABC News that he had spoken to the actor on the phone when the alleged assault happened and that he heard a fight, racial dirt and the words "MAGA Country", possibly coming from attackers.

The police confirmed she had spoken to Moore and that his account had been reported in the police report. Both Moore and Smolet told police that they had been on the phone during the attack, the police added.

But Thursday, police have not yet seen phone records to confirm their accounts, and Smolet refused to hand over his cell phone to the detectives. Police say that Smolett is treated as a victim and they have no interest or probable cause to get his records through a search warrant.

There was no new data on the investigation Saturday morning, the Chicago police told ABC News.

Smollett thanked his fans in a statement on Friday for their support and said he was recovering both mentally and physically.

"Let me start by saying I'm fine," he said in a statement. "My body is strong and my soul is stronger, and it is more important to thank you." The pouring of love and support from my village meant more than what I could really say.

He also tried to reject all the statements made online that his story may have changed.

"I work with the authorities and am 100% real and consistent at every level," he said in the statement. "Despite disappointment and deep concern with some inaccuracies and misrepresentations that are still prevalent, I still believe that justice will be bestowed."

Monika Escobedo contributed to this report.

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