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Kim Kardashian and Kani West Baby 4 are said to be Psalm West

Kim and Kanie

We named Psalm №4 !!!

17.5.2014 15:07 PDT


Kane West and Kim Kardashian I thought long and hard about the name of my fourth child together … and the proud parents walk with the Psalm !!!

It makes a lot of sense … Kanye's Sunday Service – where he performs the gospel and his own hits with live band and choir – has become a huge success, and his performance Coachella was one of the centuries. And what are they singing church services … psalms!

Kim wrote a text exchange from Kani, who reads: "A beautiful mother's day. With the arrival of our fourth child.

As for Mother's Day … Kanye played a special Sunday show featuring his children and Kim, along with other family members and children of family friends.

Kim says the Psalm looks Chicagotwin brother. He joins the older sister north and a big brother saint as the sixth member of the family of Kim and Kanie.

As you know … KK and KW welcomed theirs a new child in the world last week, and he weighed 6 pounds and 9 ounces.

As you mentioned for the first time … Kim and Caire hired a new surrogate to transfer their fourth child to a term – but not because they were dissatisfied with the latter – is simply missing this time. The woman who was in her early 20s had a child in December … less than a year after the Chicago baby came out. So the couple had to find another substitute whose profile is still a mystery.

Surrogate went into work until Courtney and Chris Jenner I shot an Ellen episode with all Kardashian children. Kim was supposed to be there, but she obviously skipped the tape to attend the more urgent matter. It's pretty crazy, even Chris did not know he would have another grandson!

Kim has a tune on his plate with the latest addition. She is actively learning to become a lawyer and has recently helped release 17 prisoners over the past 90 days. Not to mention that she is a social media tycoon, she runs a line for cosmetics and stars on "Keeping the Cardassians".

Kim and Canyon used the rest of the germ that they created to introduce the psalm in the world.

Welcome to the family, kid!

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