Tuesday , July 27 2021

Kurian must overcome the fierce feud between Google and Oracle

Google praises itself as having the best technology for advanced machine learning and the workload of artificial intelligence. The company also created Kubernetes technology for virtual containers, allowing developers to easily move code between machines and clouds.

But when it comes to large storage and core computing contracts, many industry experts, venture capitalists and technology executives tell CNBC that the Google sales team is ineffective, preferring to sell what they think is better than what the customers say they need.

"You are not paid to be right, you are paid to sell what customers want to buy," said Mackey Craven, a partner at venture firm OpenView Venture Partners in Boston that focuses on companies that are just starting out.

Bloom said that Kurian might have more advantages than Greene because his work at Oracle has stretched a stack of technologies, from data centers and hardware to application software. That's important on Google, because corporate cloud groups include cloud infrastructure and applications such as email, word processing and spreadsheets. Greene, on the other hand, spent his career "gaining the operating environment," Bloom said.

"Thomas is a very strong general manager and he understands all aspects of the business," Bloom said.

However, Kurian has a big challenge in front of it, not only developing Google's developer culture, but also making buyers feel comfortable and trusting with the Google brand.

Even though Google has long had a large list of small and medium businesses using its application, it is a completely different problem to attract information officers to the head of large companies, especially in strictly regulated industries. Kurian will need Alphabet dollar investment to recruit the right sales people and to pursue large shopping accounts aggressively.

It was a difficult sale on Google, whose investor base had estimated high operating margins. An executive of a large company previously named, Diane Bryant was brought in as head of operations last November but only stayed for seven months at the company.

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